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I needed to get my asthma medicine filled because I ran out and needed to take it. I went to the Shoppers drug store and I brought the wrong drug card to the pharmacy for a refill that I needed for my asthma medicine around 4 pm. I was told by the worker to bring in or call in when you receive the card. I called in around 5 pm to have my prescription dropped off at my home since I have the correct card. Driver arrived with my prescription and received my card around 5:30 pm and said that he needed to have this put into the computer first. He left with my prescription. I called the pharmacy immediately to inform them that the driver did not leave me with my prescription. I was told that this is the pharmacies policy. I waited until 7 pm and called the pharmacy to find out what was happening. I was informed that the driver came to my apartment at 6 pm and I was not home. I informed the person on the phone that I never left my home, I have been waiting all this time for my prescription. I was informed that it would cost me $5.00 to have my prescription delivered and that was their policy. I was so upset that I told them to forget it and I would pick it up myself. I finally got home at 8:45 pm with my medication that I started at 4 pm to get. I cannot believe that the policy is like this that they are not to call the customers to let them know what is happening. I was informed that my medication was brought back to the pharmacy at 6:05 pm and I never had a phone call to let me know. I found out at 7 pm when I called. I was without my medication all day till I got to the store around 7:30 pm having to fight my asthma till I received my medication. If this is the way that your policy is that your customer are not being told about what is happening with a phone call, I believe that you need to change your policy, since this is terrible customer services.

Apr 13, 2016

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