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I'm a mother of 6 children and one on the way .. the pharmacist at your antigonish location gave me the rudest welcoming and talked down to me as if I didn't understand anything on November 12th 2017, I visited our emergency room with my 2 year old son due to an asthma attack, we jst found out he has asthma that evening, I took his script to shoppers to be filled an I reassured her that I didn't have a medical plan an than INAC would cover his medication's just like any other aboriginal as she demanded me to pay 156$ Because he didn't have a medical plan, an wasn't understanding that indian affairs would cover his medication, he needed that medication to open his air ways to breathe ... she greeted me rudely, talked down to me as if I didn't understand anything, people before me we're greeted nicely an everything, not sure if it was because I was a different race but the rudeness wasn't acceptable at all, I took my sons script back and went to haliburton the next day and they filled his script up without troubles an understand the whole indian affairs thing, this isn't the first time ive have trouble with shoppers though, back in 2013 I nearly lost my newborn son, due to RSV an pneumonia and needed his medication as well as we were discharged from a hospital 4 hours away, an they refused his medication as well as hes a new born an clearly covered under my indian status card number..
anyway all being said your pharmacy should be educated better an know that indian affairs cover aboriginal medications and majority of places let medication go under the mothers status card number until you receive their's ... feel free to email me back [protected]

Nov 21, 2017

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