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Where do you want me to start...
1. Each time I have picked up my prescriptions I have had 2 purchase only 2 weeks at a time, due to finances. However I am authorized, by my doctor for 30 days at a time. This has happened 3 times now... I go to pick up the balance of my month only to be told i'm early. How am I early when i'm still within the same month. They say the 2 week supply they gave me, those 2 weeks were not up. I am not prescribed 2 weeks at a time... But one month. I've had to fight this out each time. Til today when they refused me all together. Telling me I have to return tomorrow. I might add that when I arrived to pick them up today, I was told it would be about 15 minutes more. I waited only to be told no. This is wrong. They are setting the release date, and going against what my doctor has ordered. I might also add that we are from out of town and now need to pay for an additional nights accomodations. When I initially left my prescription with them they said they were willing to work with me as we were from out of town. I have dealt with other shoppers for mail order service. This head pharmacist took an immediate dislike to me when I first tried to get the balance of the current month owed to me. This is number 4 for fighting it out with them. The head pharmacist advised that yes I was right and was allowed a month at a time. Yet she followed that statement up with no, she wouldn't release them til after midnight tonight. I said I will be backat midnight, as that signifies "tomorrow". Apparently for shoppers drug mart, tomorrow is after 1 am as I was told to not come back til after 1am. Control freak.
2. They messed up billing to credit card and sending my last months meds. It was 2 days after I was to receive them... After making arrangements that I called to enquire where my medications were. It was then that I found my meds had not been even sent yet and they had the entire order screwed up.
3. I was shorted my medications at the beginning of august. I picked up my meds and they showed me the boxes inside of a bag. When I got home and went to out my meds away, I realized that half of one of my strictly controlled sleep meds were missing. I immediately called the pharmacist who asked me to hold the line while he checked to see what he could find. He did find my missing meds... They had been put back on the shelf. With my name and prescription label on the box... What kind of professional service is this??? To put a box back on the shelf with a customer's prescription label on both sides of the box. And what an unessary worry to me as I had to convince him I didn't receive them. And thankful he found them on the shelf or I would have been out and short of my needed medication.
4. Yesterday when I attended the store to order my meds for pick up today they had to fax my doctor an authorization as I have recently been entitled to prescription coverage. I also called my doctors office to advise them this fax was coming through. My doctors office advised they hadn't received the fax. I went back to the pharmacy to enquire why it hasn't been done as I was assured it would be done right away. They checked the fax machine to see the status and found the form. They said it was already faxed. I advised there is a problem somewhere as my doctors office had no record of receiving the fax. This fax had my personal information along with the medication (fentanyl) the strength, my name, address, phone number, health care number, etc on this fax. The pharmacy sent it to the wrong number. The area code was 780. They sent it to area code 708! This is beyond unacceptable. This is my personal information sent to lord only knows who. What about my privacy, confidentiality, safety and security. Now I risk getting robbed, my home broken into, attacked. All because they sent the fax to the wrong number. The computer had the correct number, yet the shoppers drug mart staff copied it incorrectly. Aren't numbers kind of important at especially a pharmacy!!! I feel violated and now scared for my personal safety and the security of my home. Now I feel that I am forced to get a home security system, at my expense, all because shoppers drug mart sent my narcotic information to an unknown location. For unknown people to now become aware of what medications are in my home. They have robbed me of my safety and security. I know feel afraid of being in my own home!!! This is beyond unacceptable. Again I now feel that I either have to move or install a home security system as shoppers drug mart has robbed me of my safety and security.
5. Finally. Professionalism is sorely lacking in this store. On 2 occasions that i've been into the store and pharmacy area, staff were openly arguing with the pharmacist. Right in front of customers. There was no attempt to hide it or move out of customers ear shot. That made a few of us very uncomfortable. The woman they were arguing over left the store in tears. What is wrong with this store. I had left my prescriptions here as I used to have faith in shoppers drug mart. That is sadly no longer.
The above is totally unacceptable. However they tell me too bad that is the way it is and sadly I have to tolerate it. I transferred my prescriptions else where but I am forced to stay with this disgrace of a store as narcotic prescriptions cannot be transferred and the pharmacist knows that. I was leary of complaining scared of what they may do to me next. The pharmacist sarcastically informed me that I have to tolerate whatever they want to do to me as I cannot transfer my remaining 2 prescriptions anywhere. So she is right, I am stuck there. However I already transferred my other meds out of this pharmacy.
I am floored by the actions and number of errors that one pharmacy has done.

Sep 13, 2017
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  • Ks
      Sep 15, 2017

    1. billing depends on insurance plans, not the pharmacy, not the doctor. if they fill a prescription that is a 14 day supply, the insurance won't cover it until the prescription is 66% gone, meaning you have to have at most one-third of your prescription left in order to refill it and insure you.

    2. probably more to the story.

    3. probably more to the story.

    4. faxes get lost all the time, mainly because the pharmacy's fax is trying to battle another incoming fax and loses, gets lost. chances are, your house will be broken into because of who you are as a person, during a random attack, or by someone that knows you. not because some stuffy office guy sees your prescription. may I also add that the area code 708 is in the united states. nobody is going to travel from illinois to rob you of your precious fentanyl. tone it down a notch or two and see a doctor for something to help calm your anxiety. complaining like this isn't going to get you anywhere, especially when the fax is sent to a different country. you'll survive, nobody is coming after you. nobody is forcing you to buy a home security system. that's your choice, when in reality (as a homeowner) you should have a security system anyways. get over yourself, you're not in danger as you claim.

    Calm your [censor]. hit a bong, relax, and get it out of your head that you'll be attacked, you're working yourself up over nothing.

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  • Ks
      Sep 15, 2017

    @kstephy Also in reference to #1, most (99.99% of) narcotics require intervals (like you can only refill 30 days worth every 28 days). if this is the case, you're getting 14 days worth at a time; in this scenario, it means that you cannot refill it until you've used 13 days worth. it all depends on the interval that the doctor's written it for, and then the insurance issue comes into play.

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