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More than twice, I've come in after receiving rude calls about a prescription for my dog. First it apparently had been sitting there but nobody called us. Both time when I had come in the pharmacist was unable to find it. What if this was a prescription for a dying child. Or even an asthma puffer for a deathly I'll child. The pharmacy at 710 st. Anne's road. Winnipeg Manitoba is so incompetent. I waited for weeks for the call of the remaining of a prescription and then receive a ride call about it sitting. When In fact I hadn't received a call of it being in. When I go in no one can find it!!! Wtf! Excuse my language. But really. Imagine your sickly I'll child in this case. Would that be ok? This occurred more than once. You need a solid system in place.

May 06, 2017

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