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Oakville, ON, Canada

On the morning of Wednesday, April 25th, I attended my local Shoppers at Kerr/Speers in Oakville, Ontario to have a prescription filled. I handed the script to the assistant and she informed me that the item comes in 3ml sizes. I made no comment and she explained no further. I picked up the prescription, the pharmacist having told me how to use the medication and was handed the package. When I opened up the prescription in my car, I noticed I was only give 3ml instead of the 7.5ml requested by the doctor on the prescription request, which I would like to point out is not even half of what was requested. I returned to the store and pointed this out to the pharmacist and she told me that "doctors don't always know" and that the 3ml she gave me would be enough for the 7 days of required use. This information was not provided to me at the time I submitted or picked up the prescription. I pointed out to this pharmacist that I thought it was inappropriate to take this decision without consulting me and she challenged me; wanting to know if, after the 7 days, how much of the medication was used. I am quite alarmed by the fact that this pharmacist felt it within her power to arbitrarily decide that less than half of the quantity of medication prescribed was sufficient to deal with the problem and, more importantly, that she felt it was unnecessary to consult with the patient prior to making such a decision or with the doctor. I have been having prescriptions filled at that Shoppers for close to 30 years and have never encountered such a rude and disgraceful employee. If this is the prevailing attitude of a pharmacist at this location, I will me more than happy to have my prescriptions filled elsewhere.

Apr 25, 2018

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