Shoppers Drug Mart / ignorant cashier...

Toronto, ON, Canada

Today is January 30th. Around 11:30 I walked into Shoppers Drug Mart located at Parliament St. & Carlton - Downtown Toronto!
I was pretty excited because I was going to spend $170 -95, 000 points that I have been collecting for 4/5months. As you can see I shop there a lot mostly at that location.
I shopped for about 1 hour. Finally got to cashier, ASYHA was cashing me out. I came across the buy 2 for $10 on these items 2 Axe body wash, 1 old spice deodorant and an axe wash puff. Long story short she wouldnt give me the deal if I bought the deodorant and the puff even though they were 2 for $10. So I asked for my money back figured why spend extra $ if I don't have to. Anyways she continued to make a big fuss on the return and for some reason made it very confusing so she called another cashier to help her. The other cashier was trying to explain why she couldn't give me the deal and so on I told her I didn't want to spend that much when ASYHA starts laughing at me I turned around and asked her what she thought was so funny no answer continues laughing at this point I am embarrassed there's a huge line up. The other cashier refunds me almost $14 back for 2 products and grabs all 4 products and is about to take them back when I tell her I payed for two of those she continues to say she has refunded me for all 4 now I'm confused as I am not that good at math but I know that the 2 belong to me then ASHYA continues laughing now I'm pissed I'm embarrassed like what is going on. I guess than she realizes I'm right and gives me the two products finally. Huge line up and I am bright red over a refund she laughs at me and thinks nothing of it. I called her ignorant and asked the other cashier what her problem was and she says you don't know her personality ??? What ?? I felt as if she was laughing at me because I couldn't afford it. Also when I asked her for her name she lost her tongue and turns around it's on her sleeve when I told her I was calling headquarters her smirk disappeared also I came back in to ask for the store number and she completely ignored me asked her again she gives me the address of the store. Wouldn't give me the store number.
Let me add Everytime I go into this shoppers the cosmotologist is always a pleasure she is an amazing person always happy and polite and I usually cash out with her but she wasn't going to be back for another 30mins today.

ASHYA needs to learn how to respect people. I hate bullies and laughing at people because they return something makes them feel little. She needs to learn to treat people better, she isn't better than me and I'm not better than her. I hate getting embarrassed!!!?

Shoppers Drug Mart

Jan 30, 2017

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