Shoppers Drug Mart - Everythingirresponsible, rude, careless

I've dealt with this store since 1993 it was really good then. The staff was friendly, smart, responsible, etc. With each new owner it has gone downhill to now where it has tanked. There are mistakes, unreliability (They don't call doctors) ; they don't deliver on time (On the day they are supposed despite reminders from me) ; they are extremely rude; and it is a huge unpleasant problem to deal with them. But I am housebound being disabled and cannot do anything about this.
Head office does not care - I did call them.

I have a question: have they actually gotten even worse or is their way of communicating with me?

They once again did not deliver tonight (Even though they had said items were out for delivery) , so I have no way to get items I needed.
Fed up.

Dec 31, 2014

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