Shoppers Drug Mart / employee behavior (shoppers drug mart - mclaughlin, mississauga)


I hope this email finds you well.
I am submitting a complaint against the Shoppers Drug Mart at McLaughlin, Mississauga. I am greatly disappointed by the attitude and behavior demonstrated by your employees which was not only insulting but also humiliating. A few days ago,
I got a foundation stick from that branch but by accident I got the wrong shade and did not even open the packaging. I saw the bottom of the container and realized that it was the wrong shade and today (June 17th, 2017) around 7PM I went to get an exchange done. At that point, a woman named Nancy was working along with another person who was helping a customer. I showed Nancy the receipt and she went and asked the other employee about it and she came back and said "we don't return anything on the back wall". The fact that Nancy went to the other employee to ask made it clear that she absolutely had no idea about it. The store should put that on the receipt and there is absolutely nothing like that mentioned on it. I later went to cash and asked for the manager but the cashier called the "supervisor" who was apparently Nancy. Anyways, she came and while we were explaining to her that we didn't NOT even open the container she said "well let's go the cosmetics section there's no need to yell in front of customers". I was not yelling at her or anyone else, I spent roughly $20 on that foundation and I had every right to ask about this unclear policy. Later, she opened the container and said that "there's a piece of hair on it, I cannot exchange it". I have never been this insulted in my life, there is one little piece of tape on the packaging and how is it not possible that someone else did not open it? I did not open it and I will always stay firm on that stance. That piece of hair she was referring to is questionable in terms of the store's overall level of hygiene. The supervisor named Nancy and the other employee were very unprofessional and consistently had a resentful tone. If this absurd policy exists, then it should be clearly mentioned at the time of purchase. I did not even open it until they did. I am extremely disappointed and will never be shopping with this store ever again and will surely tell others about this experience.

Jun 17, 2017

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