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I would like to complain about an unpleasant experience I just encountered in the Hudson's Bay Centre (20 Bloor St E, Toronto, ON M4W 3G7) store.

My name is Maya Terzieva and I am a senior financial analyst at a global insurance company. I visit the mentioned above store on regular basis as I live in a walking distance from that location.

While I was shopping today ( 02/01/2017, approx. time: 8 PM), I was asked by an employee of yours to leave the 2 (nail polish) items with them until I finish shopping for the rest of the products I was there for (which I did without even realizing what was implied by this). My boyfriend instantly reacted and requested the items back as he found this quite insulting and then we continued shopping (for groceries) while being followed by the assistant manager (Andrew).

At check out, Andrew approached us as we were both upset with the situation that was enforced upon us; however, instead of apologizing, he was extremely impolite to us and asked us to leave the store when we explained why we are offended. Since there was no point to continue this conversation we left; however, I realized that I would actually like to report this and went back to ask him for his name to which he reacted by threatening me to call security saying that "the whole store will back him up".

I am extremely offended by this situation and would really appreciate if you explain to your employees how they are to treat customers in "their store".

Thank you for the time to review this.

Kind regards,

Feb 01, 2017
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