Shoppers Drug Mart / dior return and poor customer service

Square One - after purchasing a dior product, I was told I could return it unopened at any store. I decided to take it back to Square one as i was shopping there. I was informed on Saturday afternoon (around 5) by the 2 cosmeticians I could not do so because they don't carry it. My daughter worked at Shoppers for several years and had said it is no issue. They told me she hadn't read the policy. So, I drove 15 km out of my way to return it to South Common where I was informed they were obviously too lazy to send it back to them and she apologized profusely for them and the inconvenience. Might want to hire some smarter people especially at flag stores - these 2 came off as dumber and dumbest. Pissed off customer /.

Jun 04, 2018

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