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I walked in at 5:20pm on January 18th. I was sick with flu, had a half an hour commute, and realized I may be on my period. So I rushed to the nearest Shoppers drug Mart. I talked to a lady working for the cosmetic section and asked if I could use the washroom to check if I had my period or not. She gave me a hard glance and said there was no public washroom. I was already on the brink of distress, but she showed no sign of sympathy. I felt helpless, defeated, and ignored. She did not treat me with a shred of customer appreciation, a shred of humanity.

I bought a box of pads and left to find another washroom as soon as possible. But I had already stained my underpants and pants. Already damaged and distressed, I went back to the store to find some form of apology. Instead, I'm met by with her reluctance to give me her name, proceeding to walk out. Another man, who was working for Shoppers although he was not wearing Shoppers clothing, started to condescendingly retort, "YOU'RE COMPLAINING BECAUSE THERE WAS NO WASHROOM?". He proceeds to repeatedly yell that at me in front of everyone. Already mentally distressed, I started crying. At which point he simply brushed me off. The other employees in the store proceeds to give me the corporate treatment, apologizing that there is no washroom. But it wasn't about the washroom, it was about being treated like a human and given some sympathy.

After the assistant manager apologized about no public washroom, I walked out the store again, knowing I wasn't going to get my point across. However, I was already sick and distressed enough to cause a 10 minute nosebleed. The picture below is taken at 5:45 of the aftermath of my nosebleed. So by now, I was crying and bleeding in the washroom. I don't think I would been put through so much emotional and physical distress if it wasn't for the poor behavior of these Shoppers drug Mart employees.

Please encourage employees to be sympathetic and discourage employees banding up against a customer.

Shoppers Drug Mart
Shoppers Drug Mart

Jan 18, 2017
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  • Jk
      19th of Jan, 2017

    Couldn't you just buy some pads, go outside in the alley and duck down behind a dumpster and take care of it? You'd of even had a pad or two to take care of that nosebleed. For chrissakes. You think those employees are your mother?

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