Shoppers Drug Martcomputer update/bonus optimum points/transferring points

I have been trying for WEEKS to update my profile to receive 4000 bonus points, as well as trying to transfer optimum points from my spouses optimum cart to mine. Every time I try to sign in to the update screen the system rejects my optimum number as well as my spouses. Neither of us remember what our passwords are, so we have tried using our birthdates as well as tried using our postal codes. According to the computer, both of these forms of entering the system with a forgotten password are acceptable, however the system still will not recognize any of our information. I have re-entered optimum numbers as well as retrying birthdates and postal codes both separately and together. Still tells me the info in incorrect. I lost 4000 points because the system would not let me update this info. I had received as well as the chance to receive 4000 bonus points using code 1944, I tried for days to get into the update profile and the system in place on the website for Canada would not let me in. I lost out on those points because of this. I spent countless numbers of time trying to sign in, and no matter how many times I tried, my numbers were not being recognized. I have updated my information before, so not sure why it will no longer work. The past day or two I have been trying to transfer points, and the computer will not accept our optimum numbers, our birthdates, our postal codes and YES. I have checked the numbers over and over again. This is extremely frustrating, and not getting the bonus points certainly didn't make me any happier. My email address is [protected]

Jan 14, 2015

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