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I had spent $440 on the beauty gala baskets at The Sherway Gardens, Etobicoke location .

They had baskets of cosmetics, in addition to gift cards.

I was sure I would win something, since, I was the only entrant in some of the envelopes and I had bought so many tickets.

However, I didn't win anything. I was shocked, since I had spent so much money.

I don't think they gave the gifts to the public, I suspect they may have given them to the employees.

I would like to be reimbursed for the money I spent, since, I feel it was a bit of a scam.

I have also entered the draws at The Hwy 10 and Eglington, location, Mississauga.

Here, I have spent in total $1640 for the draws, I have entered every gala for the last year or so.

Here I only won one small basket, this location does give the small baskets to the public, I have witnessed them drawing the baskets.

I never won the big basket though, and I entered so many times. I even bought entries for my mom and sister.

The tickets for the big basket were $20, $5 of which, you get to spend on the day of the gala, in the store. Each tickets ends up costing $15.

Again, I feel I spent so much at this location, with the hopes of winning, however, in the end I just ended up wasting a lot of money and ending up with nothing.

The third location I spent money on was Cawthra and Rathburn, here I spent $180, and only won one small basket.

I would like to be reimbursed for the majority of the money I have spent at these galas, since, it was my own hard earned money and the whole concept of winning the baskets drove me to spend money I shouldn't have.

Can you please let me know how to handle this.



Apr 30, 2017

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