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On October 22, 2017, I visited the Scarborough Town Centre Shoppers Drug mart location located at 300 Borough Dr Scarborough ON M1P 4P5, (Store Number: 860) I visited the store for a refund at the beauty boutique counter. The item is a beauty boutique product. First, I spoke with a beauty expert (name not recalled but of Filipino decent) whom called upon the store manager for further assistance. Since Vilma the manager of the beauty boutique was away I spoke with the front store manager Rita, who was extremely rude and impolite. I gave her full details about my visit (I wanted a refund for a unappealing beauty boutique item) I had informed her that the item I was requesting a refund for was purchased at a different location and that I had I misplaced the receipt for it . The item is a perfume sampler box.
She quickly started explaining to me she "couldn't due a refund without a receipt and also she couldn't especially because she didn't know if it was a stolen product or not" . She mentioned that "many boxes of this product, the perfume sampler box in the recent past had disappeared from the store and that she didn't know if whether I had anything to do with that since I didn't accompany a receipt with the product." Without hesitation or consent she quickly wrote down the bar code of my perfume sampler box. She also early on in the conversation wanted to obtain my personal information such as where I resided, she mentioned if it was a few buildings by numbers after I had told her my address's street name . The customer service I received that day was beyond dissatisfaction and disrespectful. It was a valueless one!

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Oct 27, 2017

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