Shoppers Drug Mart / 465 yonge st.

Toronto, ON, Canada

I was just in the Yonge and Carlton store in Toronto was witnessed a despicable incident.

A woman, who probably had a mental illness but none the less was in distress was rudely removed from the store. I neither saw nor heard any kind of commotion previous, she was in no way bothering me and it didn't appear anyone else either.

I get it's private property but I'm certain she was being profiled. The woman was almost in tears, begging to allowed to stay as her mother would shortly be meeting her there. Which makes me believe this was a loitering issue as someone who didn't fit the upscale, clean and sane demographic was found waiting and your gross staff didn't like the sight of her.

Not one, not two but four staff stood at the door laughing and she was physically shoved out the door in tears. Additionally at least two cashiers, CURRENTLY CASHING OUT CUSTOMERS, were laughing at this poor woman. I was so incredibly disgusted by how your staff handled themselves I threw my purchase to the ground in front of some of the vile umempathetic baboons you have working for you and said "you're disgusting, umm not shopping here".

Of course, as a well dressed white male, there was no reaction to my departure. The woman was still outside, confused and distraught speaking to another man I heard her say "I wasn't doing anything", to which he replied "I know, I tried to defend you. Apparently your customers have more compassion for humans than your gross staff do.

Sep 24, 2017

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