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I was approached by the manager before I even got out of my truck this morning, before entering the store. He explained to me in a rude tone that if I "kepted talking bad" about one of his workers who isn't on the pedophile list BUT was convicted and went through the court system because he was caught touching a little girl while she was sleeping... I stated to my friend who worked at the same store that he did that(she has a little girl herself as do I) the guy that did it is unfortunately my daughter uncle.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Grand Rapids, MIWhich I am bringing her father to court because he has the guy living with them, and in his court paperwork it states that he is NOT to be left alone with ANY children youner than him. Anywho, the MANAGER told me if I continued to "talk badly" about his worker I will no longer be able to enter the store. I believe it's free right that people know what kind of person they're working with. He stated the charges were dropped yet they weren't... he went to therapy for a mere 6 months and "complied" with the court paid his fines etc he was 13 he is now 18 his name is Alec Melven, his oldest brother is the assistant manager at the shell on Monroe and Ann st in grand rapids Michigan. I feel VERY taken back that I wouldn't be "welcome" there for freedom of speech!!! Not happy at all!!!

May 10, 2017
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      May 11, 2017

    I was at the Shell station at 22232 WILMINGTON AVE CARSON CA yesterday. I typed in my fuel rewards card and the machine froze and said I needed cashier help. I went in and was told to just go to another machine. I did, and got the same message. I went in again, and was told to go to another machine. Every time though I put in my rewards card obviously the reward went down until I only had 3 cents per gallon. While my car was filling up I went in to ask for some kind of reimbursement because my rewards kept going down due to all the broken machines. The manager said to me "I know you- you have been here before lying and all this" and walked away from me. When I said, can I speak to the owner- I was told that this same woman was the owner and she walked away from me as I was speaking to her and went into the back. I called and asked for her name and was told "I'll never give you my name I'm not getting in trouble!" from a woman who definitely was not the same person I spoke to- which means somebody lied about being the manager and owner of the station.
    I got an email today that people at the other pumps where I had put in my rewards card had eventually used the rewards and it was charged to the credit on the card. I need FULL reimbursement for being lied to, told I had "been here before" walked away from and falsely charged for other people's gas on my rewards card, as well as loosing rewards on my card. This was really unacceptable.

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