Shell / shell gas station (ventura/lindley)

My name is Roben Ohev Shalom and I am making a complaint on the Shell gas station located on Ventura and Lindley. On Tuesday March 7 I filled up about $15 worth of gas at this station at approximately 7:15 AM. I drove to Westwood area and at the end of the drive my car began to shake. I was concerned and did not know what the problem was. I parked my car as I was late to my class and decided to take action on the problem later that evening. Later that night, I got into my car, turned the engine on, and my car began to shake much worse than the morning and the "check engine" light was on. I called Triple A and towed my car to my home. The next day I learned that there has been a mix-up in the gas at this Shell gas station. On Thursday morning, I spoke to the clerk inside the Ventura/Lindley Shell station and he informed me that I need to tow my car to their mechanic in Topanga and that they will flush out the bad gas and replace with good gas. I did so on Thursday and the mechanic told me to come pick up the car on Friday afternoon. Upon picking up my car that Friday, my airbag sensors have been turned on and instead of my usual smooth-drive, I now has a very rough drive home. First, I do not believe the mechanic has resolved the issue as my cars' drive does not feel the same way as before. It feels much more rough and vibrates at high speeds. Moreover, the airbag sensors have turned on after picking up my car from the mechanic. This really bothers me. I had no problems with my car up until I used this gas station last Tuesday.

Mar 12, 2017

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