Shellrude employee

First I would just like to say that I normally do not make any type of formal complaints and I especially do not go to any great lengths to make a complaint about someone, however, this employee was so rude that is why I am making this complaint.
On February 2nd 2017 at around 3:45 a.m. I visited the Shell gas station in Canal Winchester/Columbus Ohio at the intersection of Refugee and Gender Road, and during this visit I encountered a very rude employee! When I walked inside the doors the employee was mopping the floors and she asked me which way I would be walking and I told her I was going over to wear the refrigerated items such as soda are kept. After I told her that is where I was headed she rolled her eyes and I could tell that she was very upset that I was going to be walking over there, I am assuming that she had just mopped that section, and that is why she was so clearly upset that I was going to be walking in that direction. After I got the items that I was going to purchase I went up to the cash register where she was and even though I had nothing to apologize for, I apologized to her saying that I hope that I did not make a mess with my footprints where she had just mopped and she rolled her eyes and said "whatever". she then in a rude manor asked me if there was anything else I was going to get, which I told her that I needed a pack of cigarettes and some gas for my car.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Canal Winchester, OH The entire time that I was telling her what I needed she made me feel like it was a complete imposistion for her to have take care of me. As I was paying for my items I saw that another car was pulling into the parking lot and she looked at the car and said "Man I am not going to be able to get any work done tonight!" I personally found this comment somewhat comical because I think that taking care of customers is a part of doing your job. Everything's about my experience with this employee was horrible! I have gone to that location many many times and I almost do not ever want to go back to that location because of how rude she was! As a paying customer I do not like to feel like me being there is such a complete imposistion. In my opinion it should not be an imposition to take care of customers, that is the most important part of almost any job is customer service. I don't know what this girl's name was, I wish that I did so that I could put her name on here, but whoever she is, she seriously needs to learn how to take care of customers and she definitely needs to stop with her attitude and to stop being so rude especially when there was no reason for her to be rude! Had I went in there with a complete attitude then I could understand why she would have been rude to me however even then I think that an employee still should not be rude to a customer, however in this situation I did not have any kind of attitude.

Feb 02, 2017

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