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Yes I was at the Village Mart Shell on Eldridge north of Briar Forest this morning March 25th. I went into the store to by a can of cat food and cigarettes. I am not familiar with the store and didn't know where the cat food was, went down one aisle it was on the next aisle, got it and went straight to the register. The clerk was eyeballing me like I was a thief and very stuck up. I ignored it made my purchase and went to my vehicle. I had been in the hospital and a pile of mail in my seat, before running errands, I sat in my car and went through some of it to see what i may need to take care while I was out. He stood at the door just watching me and then comes outside and stands in front of my vehicle. I asked him if he needed something and he said no, he was watching the lady from the cleaners next door take her garbage out but he continued stand there after the lady was finished. It was very disturbing and creepy...I have never ever in my life been made to feel like a criminal or I don't know. It was very weird. I have worked for Shell in the past twice as a contractor and I know they would not want customers to made to feel this way. I was not dressed in any manner (like a hoodie) or anything nor did I linger around the store or eyeball is cash register, etc. It was so odd...nor am I of a race that is unfortunately profiled these days, sorry if that is offensive but it does happen to people of color or other races. It has bothered me all day, so I have decided I should write Shell and complain. I can't imagine anyone else having to be made to feel that way. On top of that he gave me the wrong cigarettes but I was so bothered by him, I didn't even notice. I will never go to the Shell again or actually I may just to see how this fellow treats me next time. I personally hope he is fired, it was so uncomfortable. I still have the heebie jeebies over it hours later.

Mar 25, 2017
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  • Da
      Mar 31, 2017

    I writing regarding an employee by the name of Angela Patterson Mykytyuk. She was a member at my gym for about a year. We spoke about about personal things. What concerned me was her admission of using cocaine. She said you random test but she has a system and rarely uses. We recently parted ways but I don't believe she represents your company very well. She speaks about company details that should not be discussed. For instance she was telling the class she had to fire and employee and gave details as to why. I would think that is personal. Then she tries to belittle people by saying she has an MBA and makes 100k a year and she has 15 people under her who's not worth the time. She complains about conference calls and said she is actively looking for employment at another company because she is burned out. I have the messages with our exchange. Reason we parted ways was because she make the other members at the gym uncomfortable. Yelling, acting disrespectful. And her discussions about the employees and their performance I would think is private. Makes the company look bad. If you want to see the exchange via Facebook messenger I'd be more than happy to show you.

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  • Mr
      Mar 31, 2017

    Today I got a phone call from a private number but recognized the voice! I'm a male black business owner. I own two gyms. The voice was Angela Patterson Mykytiuk (I'm certain) I sent a complaint regarding our exchange at my facility. I have members who will vouch for her behavior. I don't appreciate being harassed and racist remarks. I had to block her via Facebook and my cell phone so I believe she used someone else's phone. Someone (I'm sure it was her because I know her voice) called my phone private and said #### than hung up. If it happens again I'm calling the police and filings complaint.

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