Shellcar wash

I am complaining about the shell on alameda and lake avenue in burbank, California. There are signs about how to use the car wash written in pen and typed on a printer all over the shell because the car wash is ripping people off. Even after reading the instructions i could not understand it. And after paying $12.99 it wouldn't print my receipt. Claribel and the manager said they saw me on the tv monitor and were laughing that i went through it wrong. It only sprayed my car with a little bit of water instead of the $12.99 treatment. They refused to refund me the money nor let me get the full car wash i had already paid for that didnt happen. How rude. The employees were so unhelpful and they laughed at ripping me off. I want a refund for the $12.99. The car wash happend today Friday the 12th around 4pm. I really feel like yelping about this problem, the car wash should not be scamming people. My neighbors shouldn't have to go through the same upset as me.

You can mail me the $12.99 back at


May 12, 2017

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