Shell / about an employee switching off pump whilst filling up 4x4 and motor bike

Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia

At Approximately 19.23pm on 14/5/2017 at the sunnyholt road Blacktown Site I was fuelling my motorcycle and a 4wd when the Console Operator turned off the pump when I finished fuelling my motorcycle and proceeded to fuel the 4wd.
when I went into store to ask why Console Operator turned off fuel pump he responded that its automatically done.
I have in the past fuelled up 2 vehicles from the same pump and have never experienced this issue.
Also I have spoken to numerous other people who also fuel 2 vehicles from same pump and have received same response that it was un necessary action.
There was no legitimate reason as to why he did this.
The Console Operator name was AJAY.
My Receipt no is 1161706.
I believe this person is un professional and in experienced and therefore requires further training.
I can be contacted on [protected]
my name is Stephen Barden.
please contact me should you require further information.
I look forward to hearing from someone from head office regarding this issue and hope it is resolved professionally.


May 15, 2017

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