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I placed an order on for a printer in September 2007. They sent me the wrong item 1 week later.

The procedure to fix a wrong shipment is to have UPS pick up item, restock item, then issue a new item (the process can take up to a month.) The only way to get a replacement sooner is to order a new unit and to get credited once the first unit returns.

Not wanting to wait a month to get the correct item, I placed the second order. A few days later I receive a 2nd wrong item. I call to complain, and the supervisor explains that the item is listed on, but they do not actually have the item.

Early October:

2 weeks go by without the item getting picked up and discover that the supervisor never made the request. Another week goes by without pick up and I call again. Another supervisor informs me that the pick-up has been set up incorrectly and must be redone.

Mid October:

2nd item picked up.

I check the refund status of my first order and confirm that the package has arrive. They inform that gift certificate refunds are taking a long time to process.

The item that I had hoped to order is still listed on the site and was also "on sale". I inform the supervisor, but they do not seem interested in the problem.

Late October:

Confirm that second return has arrived and that I should expect anywhere from 10 days to 2 months to see a refund. Check on the status of the first item and find no new information. "gift certificate refund is in process"

Early November:

Still no refund. Supervisors promise to check status and send me reply by e-mail. No reply ever comes.

Mid November:

Still no refund. Once again talk to supervisor and do not receive any additional information. Supervisor promises a $25 gift card for my inconvenience.

Late November:

No refunds or gift card. Supervisors promise to check status and send me reply. No reply ever comes.

December 1:

Gift card arrives in mail, but card is inactive. Talk to supervisor and am promised to receive a check instead of a return on my gift card for the first purchase. No new information on 2nd purchase. By this time I am trying to record supervisor names and contact information so I do not have to rehash the experience to every person I talk to at However, any attempt to get the same individual has not been successful. I always get "they must be at the other location". Any promises from a previous supervisor are regarded with a "they did not know what they were talking about" attitude.

December 14:

Found a $25 balance on the gift card. Still no check or refund for 2nd purchase. Supervisor claims that the notes on order state that I received the full refund on the gift card. I am able to confirm that there is only $25 on the card. They tell me that Sears cannot issue a check for gift cards as the previous supervisor suggested. They said they will put a priority on the gift cards. Then she stated that the refund for the second item was done incorrectly and that she fixed it and will see the refund in 2-3 days.

December 17:

A check arrives with the refund for the first item!!!

December 24:

Call concerning the 2nd item. The record show that a request for refund was made on December 14th. They request that I wait 10-14 days and that nothing can be done to make the process faster.

I also attempt to call Sear corporate in the Chicago area, but only get forwarded to

January 2 2008:

No refund. Call about second item. I am told item was set up for refund on the 26th of December. I get disconnected and call back and get a different person. They have it in the notes as returned, but no refund has been requested. She sends it in with a priority and the 10-14 day wait time.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Sears Brands Customer Care's Response, Jul 22, 2011

    To Fedup with idiots,

    I apologize for all the problems that you've had with your stove and with Sears Repair. We value you as a Sears customer and want to assist you in resolving this issue. My name is James and I am part of the Social Media Support Escalations team at Sears. At your convenience, please contact our office at Please send us an email providing a contact phone number and the phone number the stove was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email please provide the screen name (Fedup with idiots) for reference to your issue and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

    Thank you,
    James H.
    Social Media Moderator
    Sears Social Media Support

  • Sears Brands Customer Care's Response, Nov 06, 2012

    Dear Chillone,

    Hello my name is Jay and am part of the Sears Social Media escalation team. Please accept our apologies for the chaos that has resulted from your recent order. I definitely understand your frustration surrounding the missing items and lack of updates or contact on our part. I am very sorry for any inconvenience we have caused you and would like to put you in contact with one of our dedicated case managers to help sort this out and put an end to your frustration. At your convenience, please contact our office via email at so you don’t have to continue to be troubled by this. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the items were originally purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we’ll call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide the customer name (Chillone) listed on this site, for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

    Thank you,
    Jay C.
    Social Media Moderator
    Sears Social Media Support

  • Sears Brands Customer Care's Response, May 16, 2013

    C. Price
    I came across your comment today and wanted to reach out to you to offer our assistance. My name is Liz and I am a member of the Sears Social Media Support team. I can understand how disappointed you may feel with the repair of your oven. We do our best to make every service interaction both positive and memorable for our customers, and we do apologize for falling short of that mark in this instance. If you would allow us the opportunity, we would very much like to connect you with a dedicated case manager to further discuss your experience and see what can be done to make things right. At your convenience please contact our office via email at so you don’t have to be upset by this any longer. In the email please provide the best contact phone number or the number to which the oven is listed under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. In addition, please include your screen name (C. Price) in the email for reference to your issue. Again, we’re sorry for any trouble we have caused and we hope to talk to you soon.

    Thank you,

    Liz R.
    Social Media Moderator
    Sears Social Media Support

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  • An
      20th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    Here is some information that might be helpful. I was waiting on a refund to my gift card since December 5, 2007 and many calls and weeks later I finally got it resolved on January 18th. I spoke with Lindsay from Corporate (847) 286-2500 and she connected me to the Escalations Department at
    800-326-1167. Supervisor Jackie Melton (ext. 10166) was very helpful. She took care of the problem in ONE phone call! I could have saved lots of time and phone calls had I spoken with her first. I was given the run-around by too many reps. too count. Her immediate supervisor is Donald Bennett but I never had to go above her. Good luck.

  • Wa
      1st of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    On March 25, 2008, I placed a Phone order with I checked the sears parts web site, to make sure the 3 Items I wanted to order were in stock, and get the price. All 3 Items were in stock according to the web site. So, since I do not subbmit my credit card online for anything, I called The sears 800 number to order, and pay. I talked to a very polite lady, who checked all 3 Items for price and availability. All 3 were in stock, and would ship in 2 days, or sooner. so I gave her my card # (I forfot to say I have been a sears card holder for over 35 years), se processed the order, and gave me my confirmation#. Well, let the fun begin ! I checked the order status the next day, and nothing had shipped. Ok, I checked again on the 3rd day, and it said 2 of the items were being processed for shiping, and the 3rd was "Backordered". Well, I contacted customer service via the Internet, and about 8 hours later, got a response. the 3rd item is not available from the facory, and to check back in a few days. Well, I emailed back, The battery still show as being in stock on the web site, and why is that? well this went on for about 5 emails back and forth to, and I finally demanded to talk to a supervisor. She called me 2 days after the request. I told here my story, and asked her to drop ship the battery from the factory, and overnight it to me, at Sears Expense. Well a silence fell over the phone, and she said "I Cant make any promises like that" I asked her if sears was willing to let a 35 year gold card customer tear up his card over a 35 dollar item. She said she hoped not, but she could make no promises. I just went to the site to view my order history, and I see they have pushed back the battery order another 2 weeks, and went into my original order history, and Falsified the promised shipping date, do you believe that ! They dont have time to make their mistake right, but they do have time to go in and Falsifiy the original shiping date. Some people would say this is trivial, but i say they made the choice to keep me as a customer, or have me cut the card, and send it to the corporate office, with a note like this one.

  • Th
      12th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    I made an appointment to service my washer, and it is scheduled on the 6/12/08, between 1-4 PM. I asked the order taker to please tall me at least 15 minutes before the technician come. He said that he will do that and he will note that.

    Today, the service man came. He did not call me before he came, and I was still in my office, and wandering why no one called me. So I rushed home and talked to the service guy to wait for me. When I got home, around 15 minutes later, he left, without telling me or leave a note or information.

    This is unacceptable, because I had to leave from work and no one is in the house. I know you can't guaranteed the time, but I am willing to wait and just ask them to call before the come, so I could rushed home and not missing work.

    I called the service center and they can't get the technician back again, so I have to wait and reschedule for another day.
    Is this what I am suppose to accept? If do not agreed with SEARS, my washer can't be fixed and I have to miss work again, and the story will repeat. This is not for the first time happened, I have service agreements for my other appliances for different locations, should I pull all the service agreements and give it to someone else that more reliable and could offer me a better service?

    I am tired of having this problem all the time whenever I need service. Maybe service agreement is not a good idea, it is only benefit SEARS but doe not benefit the consumer.

  • Va
      25th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    Sears could not deliver on the agreed upon date. They suggested I cancel the entire order and re-order with the original desired date. I did this and miraculously they were able to deliver on the desired date. However, they charged me for both the canceled order and the recieved order. I have spent over 5 hours being transferred from dept to dept to full mailboxes to people who promise to call back but never do etc. Three months later I have still not been credited for four appliances that were never even recieved.

  • Ni
      7th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    I've never had a problem in maybe 6 or 7 purchases.

  • Ju
      23rd of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes - fraudulent charge
    United States

    My Bank card was charged $762.36 on 10/19/09 for services or products not bought or authorized by me.

  • Ji
      13th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Waited all morning for service on my washer, which is only a little over 1 year. They waited and called to say they don't have a technician to come out. I've been waiting all morning between 8-12. It is now 12:30 and still no technician. Called customer service 3x just to be told he is running late. Never again will I buy a sears product.

  • Ro
      6th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    i went shopping today at hawthone mall sears, had about 7/8hundred in gifts i wanted to buy found a cashier stood dehind a women with 4 kids waited about 20 mins.for her to get done, cashier seen me standing there all that time she got done clerk took care of someone that just walked i left the mers. an went to penny's and macy's i will not go back to sear's.i could see why your stores are losing money.

  • Jc
      14th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes - fraudulent
    United States


    Placed order through private vendor that Sears has a business "relationship " . I figured Sears was reputable, should be safe. Order confirmation and shipping notice emailed almost immediately, charged my account, NEVER RECEIVED PRODUCT! Sears. com now saying not their problem, need to contact private vendor but contact info. is not valid. SOUNDS LIKE A SCAM!

  • Td
      28th of May, 2011
    0 Votes accepted and got paid thru paypal, (IPAD) for 300.00 each. Next day I received a phone call from verification department, paypal payment has confirmed shipped to address etc. Irregardless apparently did not have the item to fulfill and instead of taking the high road used deceptive practice to cancel the order. They are not forthcoming and of course could not reinstate the order because they are advertising items which they cannot fulfill. They said I will have to use a different payment card instead of Paypal to which I said fine, and then they inform me that it was now sold out, but I could buy the similar item for $80.00 more. Switch and bait. I will recommend that we avoid, very very poor customer service and a scam.

  • Fe
      18th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    I bought 1400.00 worth of appliances from the sears in concordia kansas and have had nothing but problems with the stove since the purchase date. The stove heated up to 40-60 degrees hotter than it should have been according to the knob on the stove. The preheat took 22 minutes to heat the stove up which in turn made the stove so hot it burned everything I baked before I knew what was happening and how far off the thermostat was. Sears replaced the stove once and the second one I had was absolutely no better than the first one, in fact, it was farther off the temp gauge than the first one was and the oven light decided to shut off after the preheat light would finally go off. I had Sears repair out for a second time and he told me that he had never seen two stoves be so off for as long as he had been working on appliance. He asked me what I wanted to do about htis one, deem it unrepairable or have parts ordered for it. I told him I wanted it deemed unrepairable, that I wanted anything replacing it except for another Kenmore and he said he would order parts first to see if it would take care of the problem. i told him NO, I want this piece of junk out of my home and replaced! This was in April 2011. I still have not been compensated for this stove, it has not been replaced, and sears now refuses to do anything about it. They have basically told me to go away and that they have no responsibility or accountability toward this problem. The Sears manager of this Concordia Kansas stores' name is Crystal Tholstrup and she takes absolutely no responsibility for it at all.

  • Ch
      5th of Nov, 2012
    0 Votes - Good custom service can be so hard to find
    United States

    I ordered 3 of a certain product from sears. They only sent 1, I called and they said they would send the other, 2 weeks later I called back and they said they didn't have the others. This issue was i couldn't use 1 without the other 2 so what i received was worthless and they not only told me they would send the others, they never contacted me to tell me they couldn't. Good custom service can be so hard to find!

  • Gl
      17th of Dec, 2012
    +1 Votes

    sears, com placed order for new bolt on 20v drill plus attachments drill 79.00 attachments 19.95 total 119.00 went to cart entered info then checkout and was re directed to pr which the price was a hell of a lot more than this practice is illegal they get governmet grants tax discouts to open stores in zip 00913 if its 119.00 on it should be the same on pr i called customer service but got no answers as to why its pathetic what theese corporations are doing and getting away with it . i intend to report this to the consumer affairs department ats nothing more than DISCRIMINATION SO MY ADVICE IS DONT BOTHER WITH SEARS THEY ARE SCREWING YOU>

  • Do
      28th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    Had a water heater go out, called Sear for repair was told between 8-12 on Tuesday 15th of January. By 10:30 I had not heard anything so I called, after there poor phone system I finally got a live person and was told he would be there at 1:30, but it was not guaranteed time and he'd page the tech to my phone and he'd call within 1/2 hour. After waiting 2 more hour, s, and no return calls I again called and was told he was running behind. At 1:30 I called again, (as this was my one day off of work and I had many appointments scheduled that would need to be rescheduled. They said he had truck problems and someone should have called ----nobody ever did. At 2:30 I called again and was told he was running behind, and he should be there by 1:30, , , well it's 2:30, 1:30 was an hour ago. At 3:00 after waiting 7 hours he finally called and said he'd be there in 10-15 minutes. I stated I needed 10-15 minutes more as I was going out the door to pick up my kids from school. He said he wouldn't wait and was going to the next job, I stated I had already waitied 7 hours, he was rude and stated it was corporate policy. At 3;50 he called again, said he was 5-10 minutes away, I said I needed to take my daughters to there dance classes, he said he wouldn't wait. So my daughter missed there danced class at $50.00 each. When he arrived he was rude and said he wouldn't listen to any complaints, and If i wanted it fixed or not. So then I decided to start calling the Famous "BLUE RIBBON CUSTOMER SERVICE at CORPORATE, , , , , big mistake. I left 1 message with Theresa at ext 82, I waited and got Shelata ext 72 on wednesday, after 5 minutes we were disconnected, she didn't call back. Last Wednesday the 23rd she sends an email and states she has been leaving Voicemails and Emails and If I don't reply she was going to close the case. I sent her 3 emails stating various concerns and stated i was available from 8-10 to talk to, she stated i would be put on her schedule to call. Thursday the 24th I waited until 11am, , , she never called, I again called her, sent e-mails but no response. I again left a message with Theresa at ext 82, , , no reply. After 2pm she finally responds and states some bull company policy that states she is not allowed to make outside calls until the afternoon. I stated she had replied to my email of between 8-10 and she had confirmed the time span...she never stated that she couldn't call during that time frame. i explained I didn't want the 100$ gift card, why should I have to be bought off, for a complaint?. I stated I wanted to know who made the mistake of not calling on the 15th and I wanted an apology from that specific person. She stated she couldn't do that i was put on hold and again disconnected. I called back and was given to VICKI---supervisor of this wonderful Blue Ribbon Team, I explained everything i had gone through, All the Lies I have been told to that point and I wanted a follow up from her before the end of the day. after waiting around from over 7 1/2 hrs i got a phone call and was put on to the routing person who was responsible for the 15th???? not sure, after 3 minutes we were disconnected, I called Shelata and explained we where disconnected when she had hung up and she again did a 3 way call, and when she disconnected herself from the call she again disconnected our call to the routing person. I again called and she stated she wouldn't put me through a 3rd time. I explained I had only spoken for less than 2 minutes each time and my concerns had not been explained. She stated she would follow up again...which she hasn't since today is the 28th...I have asked for the CEO, , , , they will not allow complaints to reach him, I asked for his secretary, , , again they will not allow phones to be transferred to her either. Sears wonders why there business is in the's because of the crap customer service they give. If anyone from sears wants to reach phone is 630-297-5088 or by email at give up with this company. I will spend the next 2 years replacing all of our sears products with something else so I can be SEARS free.

  • Cp
      10th of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    I have a stainless steel convection oven that is 8 years old. The extended warranty on the oven ended in 2010 . Repairs were done by Sears prior to 2010. During the warranty period, I contacted Sears because the racks fell down in the stove. This happened one day when I had a roast in a heavy cast iron pot in the stove. When the pot fell, it broke the bottom burner and caused the oven to heat up to 500 degrees. When I came in from outside and opened the oven and saw what had happened, I grabbed my mitts and took the pot out of the oven. The pot was so hot it burned me thru the mitts and I dropped the pot on the top of the oven chipping the glasstop. A Sears repairman came out and looked at the oven and ordered parts. He said in his 30 years he had only seet the oven liner pop out twice. It took 3 or 4 times before the stove was totally fixed - all parts in, which meant I had to take off 4 days of vacation, because Sears repair doesn't give you a time they will be there just a day. It cost more in parts than the stove cost new to fix the stove, not counting gas and labor for the repairman. I had asked for a new stove or voucher at that time and was told this wasn't Sears practice. Sears practice was to repair first and then issues continued to replace. Now the liner is again heaving out causing the racks to drop, so I cannot use my oven. Sears Customer Solutions told my husband to put on the Basic Service Plan and after 30 days on the plan call for repairs. If the stove couldn't be fixed, then it would be replaced. I checked the terms and conditions of this plan before purchasing and found that you must have an appliance in working order, which ours is not. I called back to Sears Customer Solutions and asked them about this, because I didn't want to be fraudulent. They then told me on 5/10/13 to put on The Service Smart Agreement for $253.00 and if the repairman couldn't fix my oven or if it was going to cost over $500.00, they would give me a $500.00 voucher for a new oven. Seriously, I should have to pay $253.00 to get $247.00 off a new oven because I was sold a defective product that was fixed or should I say not really fixed, because it is still defective. I'm told this is all Sears can do for me. Just a FYI that model #790-463-73402 is noted on the intranet by many other people who had the same product issue - liner heaving out - racks falling. Sears originally told us to call Frigidaire. Frigidaire told us as soon as the Kenmore name is put on the product it is Sears problem. Sears stated that the stove is 8 years old. Really, who replaces an expensive stove at 8 years old unless they have to or they are changing the entire look of their kitchen and when that happens, they can resell the old appliance. We can't resell this stove - it is dangerous. Sears won't stand behind the defective product they sold us, nor will they stand behind the repairs done. We didn't chose the repairman, they did. The repairman was hired by Sears and Sears should back the work. Shame on Sears, especially considering we have been a Sears credit card holder for 30 years and over those 30 years done a lot of business with Sears as we felt they were a reputable business.

  • Cp
      25th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes

    Liz R. from Sears sent me the very nice e-mail below. However, I have e-mailed to the address she gave me twice to no avail. I don't know what is more frustrating; dealing with the phone reps for Sears or being given a ray of hope that Sears will stand behind the repairs their representatives made and then they just don't respond. Seems like a ploy to make people reading these complaints think that they are actually taking action. Very disappointing!
    C. Price
    I came across your comment today and wanted to reach out to you to offer our assistance. My name is Liz and I am a member of the Sears Social Media Support team. I can understand how disappointed you may feel with the repair of your oven. We do our best to make every service interaction both positive and memorable for our customers, and we do apologize for falling short of that mark in this instance. If you would allow us the opportunity, we would very much like to connect you with a dedicated case manager to further discuss your experience and see what can be done to make things right. At your convenience please contact our office via email at so you don’t have to be upset by this any longer. In the email please provide the best contact phone number or the number to which the oven is listed under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. In addition, please include your screen name (C. Price) in the email for reference to your issue. Again, we’re sorry for any trouble we have caused and we hope to talk to you soon.

  • Fh
      15th of Sep, 2014
    0 Votes

    I have had the worst experience ever with Sears. We had a dishwasher delivered about 2 months ago. The driver hit my truck. I have been talking with a so called supervisor manager along with other reps from Sears with no avail. The damage done to my parked vehicle was 1200 to 1300, I was offered $150. I have sent a copy of the estimate, pictures everything they have asked for and no one can help. They won't tell me who the insurance company is. My next step will be within this next week is to call the police and possibly claim it as a hit and run. Then I will have to take it to small claims. I am just not sure at this time who to send the claim to. I am afraid to purchase my next big item there I think I am going to have to boycott the store for lack of customer service and compassion for the customer.

  • An
      7th of May, 2015
    0 Votes

    I will not ever purchase a Refrigerator from Sears! I have purchased three Refrigerators from Sears. The first one lasted about ten years and lightening took it out alone with my stove. The second time same thing happen. Bad weather and lightening hit just the refrigerator. So I went and purchased this one a Kenmore, just 18 months ago and it stop working the first time back in February. It took a week before the service man could come out. In the mean time we lost all our meat that was frozen. He put some Freon it in it and it started back working. Well in April it stop working again, we where out of town and we lost everything in our refrigerator. I have RA which calls for injections that has to be refrigerated they told us they could come out to check around May 15th. Now that that was like 3 weeks.. I can not believe the service. We purchased a lemon. They know it. I did not purchase extended warrant so we wasn't able to get it fixed. The compressor went bad a little over a year. What kind of mess is that. They would help us get new one or try to help us get it fix. Do NOT Purchase your appliances from SEARS! They don' t care about their customers. Thank you, Ex customer in Petal MS.

  • Ro
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes - Fraudulent practices!
    United States

    I attempted to purchase a TV via, relying on their easy pick-up option. I found that the model I wanted was available at a store about 45 minutes from my home. and placed my order. The following morning, I received an e-mail from Sears indicating that the TV was ready for pick-up and instructing me to scan the bar code in the e-mail when I arrived. I did so, but was notified by store personnel that, in fact, they had no such TV. Very long story short: After hours and hours on the phone with customer service, maybe a dozen e-mail exchanges, and traveling to the store and back for no reason, I have an $1800 charge on my VISA for a TV that never existed. Apparently, once I scanned my e-mail, the TV shows as having been "shipped" and it may take a week or longer (I'm still waiting 10 days later) to reverse the error Sears made in selling a TV that it did not have. Customer service at is quick to apologize, but does nothing... even though my transaction was with, they indicate that the problem (i.e., MY problem) is with the store.

    And... while all of this has transpired, I purchased the same TV via free delivery and $500 cheaper... works great.


  • Lf
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    I had the same problem with Even though I cancelled my order thru, it was still shipped to the store and supposedly arrived 2 weeks later. And now the store is charging me a restocking fee even though I never picked it up. And says it doesn't charge a restocking fee. And when I called the store they said that my item wasn't there. What a rip-off. I won't be doing business with Sears or again.

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