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Sears / poor delivery

1 TOronto, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

On December 29, 2007, we spent $1,417 at Sears (Sherway Gardens, Toronto) for a new front loading washing machine ($1099), pedestal ($199), installation ($85) delivery and old machine removal ($50). We were happy with the purchase and looked forward to our new machine that was to arrive on January 4, 2008. As instructed, prior to delivery, I carefully detached the hoses from the old washer and moved it out into the hall to make the job of the delivery/removal people easier. All they had to do was lift it up small flight of stairs (no rail) and out the side door (taken off). When the delivery personnel arrived they wanted to move the new washer in but refused to move the old washer out, despite it being written on the bill "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: PLEASE REMOVE AND DISPOSE OF OLD WASHER". I would not allow them to merely drop the washer off without fulfilling their total obligations ($50 see above). I phoned Sears immediately to sort things out and to my surprise, while I was trying to contact someone at Sears, the delivery people simply drove away. This all occurred within 15 minutes.

After contacting Sears, two new delivery people were sent the next evening. In the meantime, my 150 lb son and I moved the old washer outside. This took us about 5 minutes. The new delivery people easily removed the old washer and easily moved the new one in. While they did scratch and stretch a spot on a new floor, I did not complain as I was happy to have the new washer in place. They placed the washer on the pedestal, attached the hoses and left. I was provided with instructions on how to install it correctly. While I was grateful for their keen delivery, unfortunately, they did not level the washer and on the first wash it started to walk across the floor during the spin cycle.

After contacting Sears again, an installation person was dispatched to properly install the washer (part of the total price included $85 for installation). This individual used my small level but did not want to wait around to check whether the leveling worked since "that would take an hour". After my wife showed him that it would only take a 20 min spin, he did observe the machine with no load and it appeared fine. However, the large yellow sheet that comes with the washer clearly states that it "MUST BE LEVELED WITH A LOAD" to properly balance the machine. This information was provided not ignored. Not surprisingly, once a load was placed in the machine, it violently vibrated during the spin cycle and it sounded like a helicopter was above our house. To obtain a quiet spin cycle, the feet of the machine had to be adjusted each time during the spin cycle.

I was not prepared to babysit an $1100 washing machine and contacted Sears to properly install the washer. The sales people at Sears offered to replace the machine but could not since the model had been discontinued. At this point, I requested a refund. Sears agreed and a pick up date and time was established. Again, I removed the hoses and moved the machine away from the wall and carefully prepared (ice and snow removal from the side of the house) for pick up. When the "pick up" people (the same people as the first delivery) arrived, they came into the basement but refused to take the machine away since it was still on the pedestal.

I contacted Sears and talked to a woman named "Diane" that would not and could not provide the name her superior or anyone at head office. She did give me a phone number for their head office. Unfortunately, I must have copied the number down incorrectly and when I called back and talked to "Christina", she would not provide me with any such number since she did not know of, or have any such number to provide me with. She could and did provide me with the address for the head office. Using a reverse 411, I obtained the phone number for the head office at Sears. I also arranged for the washer to be picked up again –a 12 hour interval on Saturday was the best they could do. I removed the eight ¼ inch screws that attach the pedestal to the washer and lifted it off the pedestal. The next day, two individuals came and within 10 minutes removed the washer and pedestal.

I contacted someone at Sears head office to explain this nightmare and she was willing to refund the cost of the washer and pedestal but not the cost of the installation ($85) or delivery ($50) cost. After my objection, she decided to refund the full cost to our credit card.

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  • Do
      11th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    To whom it may concern.
    March 11th, 2008

    On February 27th, i had sent an email to you
    customer service for a formal complaint.

    details, on feb 25th, 2008 , i went to your service
    center in St Laurent, QC on Cavendish blvd.
    to get my Jig Saw repair. For ur information , i had
    received this tool as a gift from my wife on November
    2004. with a 2 years warranty.
    Now, tool was still working, but the blade was not
    moving anymore. The answer i recv from the
    person at the counterwas as follow.

    we do not repair these tools, because the parts are to
    expensive. Best thing to do, is in the garbage and by
    an other one. I was very unsatisfyed with the
    answer from the gentleman. I did not want free repair,
    all i want was to get it fix.

    Now, 1 week later, after giving my phone number,
    my address and postal code to your customer service,
    and email to Robyn in beleive this is the good way
    of spelling, i was adv that my warranty was over
    and there was nothing that Sears could do.

    Now, i have many more tools from Craftman and
    in fact they are very good tools and i am very happy
    with these tools.But, my concern is, if i have
    problem with the other one, i should put them in
    the garbage and maybe buy something else
    somewhere at a cheaper price.

    For ur information , i am a regular customer
    from sears since 1985 ,plus my wife and my son.
    We have bought different items at Sears
    Fridge, dvd and alsoa brand new TV not to long
    sears use to fix these tools before, because i brought
    some for repairs and even a VCR.

    Could you please adv if something could be done
    in regards to this problem that i have.

    tk's very much for your time

    looking forward to hear from you.

    Donald Lemay
    597 7 th avenue
    Canada H8S 2Z7

    feel free to verify my profile

  • Je
      30th of Apr, 2008
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    Hi I am writing to tell you how unsatisfied I am with your portrait studio, I picked up my pictures yesturday only to find I spent $150.00 on pictures with the workers hair in them, they told me it was my fault I picked them that way, who in their right mind would pick a 10 by 13 wall picture with someones hair in it? But they refused to discount or refund my money. I am very unsatisfied with the service and will not be returning!!! And I will NOT be telling people to go their! I wish I could have had a better experience I have never been treated so poorly in my entire life!

  • Sh
      11th of Feb, 2012
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    hi i am sending this message to let you know i am not satified with a mattress i recieved in aug. 2008. iT broke down on the sides so sears send a guy out to check it. he said it was completely ruined. it had a 10 year warranty on it. phoned customer service to see what sears would do. they said i could order a new mattress but the one i had purchased was no more so to order another one which i could not find, in the same price. the lady did find one and ordered it. when it came it was a piece of crap so phoned again. they told me to find another one and send this one back after some serious talking. so now i found one but it will cost me the difference which was 81.47 which i paid. the costumer service said i can not change again. Guess what the mattress i recieved is another piece of crap so now i am stuck with a mattress that is no good. i guess now i will go and buy another one someplace else it is so sad as sears used to be good on the returns and guarntees.

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