Sears / sear appliance delivery and installation problems

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I have so much to say that I’ll apologize in advance for the length of my corsp. The history is this – last week I ordered an electric dryer on line – order # [protected] – paid in full by credit card for dryer, removal and installation. I later learned that I should not have paid for installation as I don’t need that on an electric dryer, but that’s such a small portion of the issues here that I’ll just quickly suggest that a nice feature on you site may have been to tell me that while I was ordering – rather than take the extra $ 129 dollars. So while ordering I took a date for delivery of Tuesday the 15th, and received a confirmation e-mail telling me I’d get an e-mail the night before with a window of delivery time.

When that e-mail never arrived I started at 7 a.m. with your online chat trying to find out what happened. That took so long that I had to leave for work, the person I was chatting with said yes they could send me an e-mail following up – which they never did and so began my nightmare with Sears. So after I got to work and still had not hear anything I began my phone calls, those phone calls took me a TOTAL of 147 minutes throughout the day on the 15th – and I was told many different things by many different people that day. Those things included: “oh you didn’t need the installation because it’s electric so the installation department looked at that ticket and didn’t know what to do with it so it sat there” ~ “your physical address came through as xxxxx we can’t see the address so we could not deliver”…but the most common thing I heard and by FAR the most frustrating was that I was talking to the wrong department and had to talk to someone else.

Delivery told me that I could not be helped by them because it was scheduled for installation, transfer ~ Installation told me that I could not be helped by them because I didn’t need installation, transfer ~ Installation sent me to because it was my fault that I ordered and paid for installation when I should not have – transferred me to delivery and so on and so forth. A grand total of 2.5 hours on the phone, losing money on MY job because I was on the phone with your company not working. I make fifty dollars per hour – and thus your merry-go-round cost me $150 so far, not counting the $471 out of my account you took and no dryer.

FINALLY I got a person on the phone – her name was Jeanie or Janine – her supervisor was Cody (one) – who did NOT transfer me – but actually tried to help me. What we finally agreed was this – we would NOT cancel the installation because in order to do that we would have to cancel the entire order and rebill me immediate – but my credit would not arrive for 7 to 14 days – which was unacceptable to me. She told me that she spoke to the installers was letting it go through and that someone would CALL me in 4 to 6 hours – that they said it could be delivered next day and they would give me a time frame. As compensation for the trouble, (i.e. to cover some of the installation costs that I was paying in error) she would send me a $ 100 gift card. Okay great – at least she worked with me to get a plan to get me the dryer etc.

She was nice, helpful, went out of her way and I commend her. Of course it’s unfortunate that phone call never came in the next 4-6 hours – but I was SO tired of this whole thing I did not call back again that night – I felt like just quitting. The next morning a call came in from sears – which I missed getting to the phone in time but the message said ‘we are trying to schedule delivery but we need your physical address it didn’t come through’ – now I think that’s amazing that I got that phone call because the delivery address was in the e-mail confirmation I originally received – and I gave that address to no less than THREE of people I was on the phone with for two and a half hours the day before – but I was hopeful that my dryer might finally be coming – so I called back.

I got a woman on the phone who would not listen to the story I was telling her and wanted to start again from ground zero about how we HAD to cancel the installation – and I spent ANOTHER 18 minutes on the phone on hold etc. because she said that what my arrg. were from the day before could NOT take place as we had agreed and she had to “see what she could do”.

I hung up because now I’m up to my bank account is STILL out $ 471 dollars, I’m looking at another 2 hours on the phone merry-go-round of the sears departments who don’t speak to one another and there is no dryer in sight – so 3 hours was the maximum time I was willing to invest on this fiasco. About 2 hours later 2 e-mails came through to me from Sears telling me how a credit was issued due to my cancellation of my order and that I’ll need to respond to authorize recharge of my credit card – and that point I knew that not only would I not be giving you another $400 to jerk me around for days, that I’ll never buy so much as a pair of socks from Sears again.

I understand that “Sears” is a HUGE corporation and that my little $500 dryer order means nothing in the big picture – but I too work in customer service and I’ve always held the belief that EVERY order and every customer counts, because when I get done posting a copy of this letter on facebook and e-mailing it to everyone I know, and telling everyone I know this story ~ it’s got to cost you at least a little more than my piddly little dryer order. You may be thinking ~ we’re sending you a $100 gift card what more do you want. Honestly that gift card means nothing to me at this point – you cost me $ 150 on the phone losing time on my job, I won’t have my money back from you for up to two weeks even though you took it in 30-seconds, another 1/2 hour yesterday – my work cost is up to $175 – no dryer and the sheer amazement and aggrevation at your total lack of customer service.

Then there’s the fact that I had to order a dryer from a local vendor for $ 50 more than the one I tried to purchase from you – so this little adventure with Sears cost ME $225 out of MY pocket – along with the $ 471 I’m waiting to come back to my bank – I undertsand the girl who said she was sending the gift card was trying to do something good and be helpful and honestly she was the ONLY person I spoke to even really TRIED but by far I would have preferred to get the dryer I paid for on the day that it was supposed to be delivered – I even said that I didn’t CARE about paying for installation I didn’t have to pay and because your 3 departments apparently have zero communications even that could not happen. I have never been so disgusted and disgruntled by a transaction in my life, it’s like I am being punished for ordering and PAYING for unnecessary installation – I don’t know how I was supposed to KNOW I didn’t need the installation – it would have been nice if somewhere in the online order process Sears had told me that before they took my money and took me on this horror ride.

I thought about contacting the BBB with this little story too – but they’ll want to know what resolution I want and I guess it’s to late for that really – as long as my money comes back to me – whenever it finally does – the rest I’m never going to recover but oh my a lesson learned. Sears, K-mart any of the stores associated with sears will never see a dollar of my business again – and I do fully intend to share this disaster with everyone I know. When I buy my next applicance – Sears will never again be even a consideration – the absolute most horrid customer service in the world – I’m sure they won’t be but Sears should be so very embarrassed by this disaster of a cancelled sale. I do thank you for you time.

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