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Marietta, GA, United States
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I purchased a new (Undamaged) ge range on may 27, 2017 at your sears outlet store in marietta, ga but it was damaged upon delivery. I pointed out the damage upon delivery but the delivery person commented it was damaged at the store and showed me a yellow copy of the transaction with the damaged marked. I guess he forgot that we had the original white copy that, of course, showed no damage because there was none in the store. I find this to be unethical and fraudulent. We called the store to explain and were told we could either replace the range or receive $250 for the damage. Since the $250 would not cover the damage of visible scratches and a dent on the front baking door we opted to replace it. We were told that if the marietta store did not have it then they would call the supplier for a new unit. We waited and nothing. Nearly a month later while calling, leaving messages and not hearing from anyone I called customer solutions who told me that that the matter must be resolved within 30 days of purchase or there would be no replacement. They suggested I speak with the store. The same store that unethically made it look like we purchased a damaged range, will not call us back, hangs up on us and two customer service managers and essentially has ignored us hoping we will go away.

I contacted the customer solutions dept again and spoke with ed [ee # 157008]. She said I should, "bring the range back to the store and let the store handle it.” so, after waiting a month of waiting for a resolution her answer is to unhook the gas from the range (That we paid a plumber $400 to install), rent a truck and deliver men to haul a 300 lb. Range back to the store so see what happens.

I have seen bad customer service before but this is the worst customer service experience I have ever encountered. Its remarkable this store or sears for that matter is still in business. I have called the store numerous times during normal business hours and the phone just rings (No one answers), other times someone answers then hangs up before you can speak. I have left numerous messages and none have been returned.

I understand that sears outlet is independent but as long as it uses the sears name, sears stores will suffer and its goodwill will diminish.

Jun 27, 2017

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