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Sears Mastercard / erroneous billing and shoddy accounting

1 SD, United States

For the last two-three years I have been trying to get Citicard (Sears Mastercard) to correct erroneous charges and reckless accounting on a credit card I had with them. I have sent letters to the president of Citicard, I have filed complaints with the OCC (still under investigation), all to no avail. Until last month when I told them I REFUSED to pay another dime until they got my account straight, I was FORCED to pay minimum payment on erroneous charges to protect my credit which is PERFECT. When asked to provide an accounting, they sent a list (both to me and the OCC) of payments and finance charges and other unrecognizable activity. No accounting as to how they came up with the balance. They are cocky, unapologetic and now are calling me on my cell phone to further bully. I PAID OFF THIS CREDIT CARD OVER A YEAR AGO. I have NEVER had a late payment on any loan or credit card. I am being financially blackmailed - forced to pay or have my credit compromised. They are unintimidated by the OCC and treat it as a joke. They have now raised the interest rate from 6.99 to 27% and charged me 39.00 for a late fee - all because I told them I would NOT pay another dime until they provided proof that it was correct -which they cannot do. I notified them by certified mail AGAIN that I wanted an accounting of HOW they came up with the amount they say I owe. I have over 200 pages of information, correspondance, etc... I got a letter back from Stephen Neal in the Presidents Office at Citigroup stating that they would not respond to any more letters that I send. They also cut me off from being able to email customer service from the Sears Mastercard site. Many payments I sent originially were not posted correctly - ie...I would send a payment for $200.00 and they would post $177.95 on my account. That happened time and time again. They charged me three times for a single purchase. They later backed it out but the finance charges are so messed up because of the entries that it is undiscernable. They call me on my business cell phone 7 days a week, at least 3-4 times a day. Often times they just hang up on me. I have an appointment with an attorney this week. And they wonder why they are going under...Geez!

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