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Sears - Kenmore Washer / what a dump!

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On July 31, 2006, I purchased a washer and dryer at Sears in Fort Collins, Colorado. Part of the purchase included a promotional six-month supply of high efficiency Tide detergent (TIDEHE). I correctly filled out the rebate form, attached a copy of the receipt and mailed everything on August 8, 2006 to the appropriate address according to the instructions.

After waiting six weeks, I received a logically incoherent letter from Sears thanking me for choosing Sears and telling me that the place of purchase wasn’t valid because it wasn’t Sears. The letter informed me that I had to resubmit the paperwork if I still wanted to participate. After calling the assistance number given the letter and waiting 10 minutes for a representative, I was told that the letter I received couldn’t be for the Tide promotion as there was no tracking ID (tracking ID was [protected] according to the letter) in the computer. The customer representative told me there was nothing she could do and I would have to resubmit. So, I resubmitted the paperwork per the instructions I received in the rejection letter (which they could not possibly have sent me according to the customer representative), including a copy of the rejection letter, a copy of the receipt and a copy of the stub I retained from the rebate form.

After waiting several weeks, I checked their online rebate site ( to see if the rebate was being processed; it wasn’t. So I once again called customer service and was told that there was no record of my rebate submission and I would have to resubmit. I asked to speak with a supervisor, who asked me for a load of information before telling me that the rejection letter was sent in error. She said she would pass it on and I could expect my rebate in four to six weeks. I had already waited more than eight weeks.

Today, some gal from Sears called me at work and said they needed more information before they could release the detergent coupons. She asked for some codes from the receipt, which I didn’t have with me at work, of course. So tomorrow I will take all of the paperwork I have to work with me and call Sears back and give them information that I have already sent twice by mail.

I cannot even begin to tell you how angry I am at the complete and utter disregard, with which Sears has treated me as a customer in this matter. I don’t know if I will ever see the detergent coupons they owe me, but I will never, ever buy anything at Sears again. What a dump.



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  1st of Dec, 2006
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I am in the middle of a nightmare with Sears. Beware before every purchasing an appliance from them.

In July of 2006 we purchased the top of the line washer and dryer, with the extended warranty pack to the tune of about $3400.00.

Originally, the dryer door kept popping open.

Sears came and fixed it by bending the door frame. Soon after the dryer started making a strange noise. Turned out that it had a faulty igniter which is a FIRE HAZARD!! Sears replaced our dryer. Great!

We are now on dryer #2. The control panels have suddenly stopped working. If we push one button, either nothing will happen, or another area will light up.

Sears sent their repair guy out. This is now the 5th visit we have had from Sears since our original purchase. He informed us that it would be a few weeks to get the part in. So we are basically without a dryer.

I have contacted Sears over and over again and I am hitting one door after the next. I am requesting that they return both my washer and dryer and wave the 15% restocking fee. They refuse. The most current offer is to replace the dryer AGAIN. That would make it our 3rd dryer in a 4 month period.

As for the washer, we were told that we were buying the quietest unit. It even has a special quiet pack, we were told. Beware when you go into Sears for a demo. The washer does appear quiet when there is nothing inside of it. When you put a load of laundry in, it sounds like a train is going through your house! Oh, and part of the sales pitch is that 25 towels can fit inside the washer. When I confronted a sales associate about the false advertising of the washer, he informed me that 25 towels could in fact "fit" into the washer. Tricking wording.... even though 25 towels may "fit" in the washer, there is no way that 25 towels could be washed at the same time!

Forget trying to deal with One Source, they send you in circles and do nothing to help resolve the problem.

I even spoke with one woman named Glenda who refused to transfer me to her supervisor. She said she was the only person that I could speak with regarding my washer and dryer.

This was a very expensive lesson to learn. But we will never purchase anything from Sears again and will make sure that our story is told to everyone possible.

Do yourself a favor, never shop at Sears!

  22nd of Jan, 2007
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I purchased a Kenmore washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, trash compactor, oven, microwave oven, and range top all from Sears in 2004 and 2005 when I bought my 1st new home.

To my surprise and frustration, all of the appliances required service more that 2 times a piece not including the maintenance service I make sure they all get, every 6 to 8 months. The refrigerator, washer & dryer have been the worst (refrigerator 5 times one year either completely broke down or parts have stopped working, and washer & dryer 3-4 times within 12 months). And what has been even more disappointing than the appliances, is the costumer repair people and service. I have had two different costumer service agents forget to input my appointment, entirely or correctly give me the time slot I initially requested, into the computer to later be told “we are sorry”. I have to lose yet another day from work and wait all day for them to come either 5 minutes before our 8-12 or 1-5 appointment. I have even had a repair man call me and say “he can’t come until 7p.m.”, and that I need to call customer service to communicate how that was not an acceptable option for me. Again, yet another opportunity for me to waste another 20 to 30 minutes of my time while I go through the whole process on the phone of name, number, address, etc., to be again told, “we are sorry”. Costumer service complaints via email have all responded with the same company ‘broiler plate’ statement “we are sorry”. Mean while, I am the one who has had to swallow all of their mistakes, little amount of repair people on the field, and crappie appliances. WOW... I don’t even know what to say or do anymore. The TIME, MONEY, and ENERGY I have wasted and invested into Sears has been UNBELIEVABLE UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

  16th of Mar, 2007
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You should purchase a bunch of Craftsman Tools from Sears and learn how to fix the appliances yourself so if problems arise you are not wasting the time of Sears overworked Service Dept. The skills you learn can be applied to other mechanical items you purchase and you will be a better person for it. Also you should not be wasting your employers time accepting personal calls at work.

  20th of Aug, 2007
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I am just now starting a resubmission for a rebate on a new Kenmore dryer. The letter said we were not eligible for a rebate on something that clearly was advertised with a rebate.


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