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Raleigh, NC, United States
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I was so excited when Memorial Day finally approached, after all my washer had washed it's last cycle approximately three weeks prior.
I got up early and went to sears to purchase a new washer on the 27th of May. The sales associate was very polite, as an added bonus I had a service coupon for an additional 10% off the sales price. Yea... I just saved a few bills easily, so there was never any doubt I would be purchasing the wire mesh hoses in place of the standard black rubber hoses that have a tendency to rupture.
My deliver date was set for the 02nd of June, washer arrived without the wire hoses. I was at work however my 28 year old daughter was present. She even stated how she had asked one of the guys what to press in order to place the unit in the on mode. Needless to say they did not turn on the unit and told her to just read the manual.
Upon arriving from work I quickly relalized that it was indeed not a literacy issue. The unit was simply non operational.

I contacted sears and stayed on the phone for two hours talking to 6 different individuals that were not able to assist, one guy even decided that I was a service tech therefore he attempted to lend his expertise. Which meant unplugging the washer waiting 2min and plugging it back in!
Even though he had already made a disclosure at the beginning of the phone call, stating sears no longer supports service repairs on Maytag appliances.
Finally a repersentive insisted the delivery team was still in the area and would be here in 45min. I waited an hour and called back to be told the representative gave me the wrong information. Per discussion there are no deliveries after 2pm. The final phone call on the 2nd of June ended with a representative telling me that he would have a new unit delivered on the 9th of June.
"Which made no sense at all to me, instead of sending out a service rep 1st you're going to send a new unit?
Fast forward to the 9th of June, the new unit never showed-up and we got a phone call 2hours after the latest time stipulated in my tracker that the truck broke down. Called sears, now the repersentive is telling me that I have to wait unti the 16th of June in order to receive a new unit.
Finally I had enough and I went into the store today; 11th of June 2017 and talked to a manager in order to get some sort of resolve. He tried calling the service tech department and after 15minutes realized my delimmia and hung up the phone.
Then he stated let's just go another route and see if we can get the new washer deliver to you before the 16th. He had everything set-up and I was finally a happy camper. My washer was going to be delivered on the 13th of JUN between the hours of 11:30 - 13:30.
Kidd you not; as soon as I got in my car my cell phone stated ringing and it was the delivery team stating that the date recently applied to my order would have to be updated.
I prayed, got out of my car, prayed again, went back into the store and asked for a full refund.
Sears has truly diminished in regards to customer service and application of certain compensation programs that would at the very least motivate your customers to continue shopping there. Not only did I lose funds by going to a laundrymat and diving back to the store after the purchase was final. Sadly I have lost hope in SEARS...
At this stage it's quite obvious that my new washer will be coming from Lowes or Home Depot. Just waiting on the 4th of July sale.

Jun 11, 2017

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