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Sears Delivery / inferior appliance delivery

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SEARS delivery service people are no good. They want to walk on a brand new rug with their filty ghetto project shoes. Then they don't complete the set-up. Then these boom-booms intimidate you into to giving them a "10" rating. They also can't find the address. Stay AWAY from Sears Delivery BY ALL MEANS NECESARY or Sears Delivey will have a nightmare on your expense. Yowsa, Yowsa, YOWSA !!!

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      30th of Aug, 2010
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    Yowsa? What is that exactly? But at any rate, not sticking up for anyone, but it's high time that people take a look at the whole story. Sears delivery personnel only keep their jobs by doing well on a "survey" that Sears administers to customers that buy brand new appliances. I understand that some delivery personnel really stink at their jobs, but this by no means includes every person. Let's talk about this "survey". The questions on the survey are unclear to many customers. Some customers believe that the survey is asking about their new appliances, and some believe that it is asking about the sales team. Neither of these are the case. The survey is asking about the delivery experience. Did the delivery team damage your home? Did they show you how to operate your new appliance? Would you have them back in your home on future deliveries? The problem with the survey is the fact that the answers reflect directly on the delivery team and are factored in to a number system, which the team is held to. The delivery teams must meet a certain level in their "numbers" in order to keep their jobs. This system is grossly unfair to the teams. I know that customers are frustrated with Sears. I know that customers (many of them) think that delivery personnel are "below them in society". And I also know that some customers couldn't care less about a delivery team member. However, these surveys give customers too much say in the future of other people's jobs. So, let's say that I deliver your new washer and dryer to you one fine day. I do a very good job in the delivery. I don't damage anything, I show you how to operate the units, and I do everything right. Let's say that I leave you with a smile on your face, and a feeling that everything is right in the world. You are extremely happy with me and your new appliances. But after I leave, your son (little Johnny) gets home from school and you find that he just got the crap kicked out of him by another kid. Someone runs over your dog, kills your cat, and your spouse just told you that they want a divorce. the day after all this negative stuff happens to you, you get a survey call, which is automated by the way. You just want to get through it and you just press "one" all the way through it. That gave me negative numbers and I just got fired because my boss, and Sears, think that I really screwed you over because of your responses to that survey call (that you didn't give a second thought to). And that brings me to the customer that is scared to tell the truth. Some customers flat out lie to delivery people when asked if they are happy with the delivery. They tell delivery people that they are extremely happy, just to screw them over on the survey call. Like I said before, I am VERY sure that some delivery personnel couldn't care less about their jobs and do a very bad job on each and every call. But some take extreme pride in what they do, and it's simply not fair to them. So, if you want results, and if you truly want Sears to be a company that people can shop at with pride and be treated like they used to be treated in the all to distant past, don't complain about the delivery people; complain about the unfair system that make delivery people the bad guy no matter what they do, even when they do a good job.

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