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Sears / double billing

1 DE, United States Review updated:

purchased a craftsman string trimmer on friday. sears charged my visa account twice. called customer service. sears did not admit to the mistake, but said it would take as long as five days to fix after they checked it out. sears charged my account within 24 hours of the purchase. sears is happy and quick to take my money; not so much when returning it.

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  • Wi
      12th of Sep, 2009
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    September 5, 2009, my husband and I went to purchase a mattress/box springs with the 50% off sale. We found a great buy and proceeded with the clerk to the computer. She was very helpful, asked all the right questions, and I gave her a check to pay cash. She rang the transaction and asked us to check our personal information so the delivery man would be sure to have the correct phone number. She handed back our check and said it was an electronic withdrawal and the money had intantly come from our account. Our cell number was incorrect, so she went back into the computer to correct the cell and voided the entire transaction.

    She corrected the phone number and asked for another check. I commented I thought the money had already come out of our account. I was told when she accidently voided the transaction, the check was voided and went back into our account. Reluctantly, I wrote another check and it was declined due to duplicate trnsactions back to back.

    At this point she did not know for sure what to do. We had now been purchasing this mattress for 25 minutes and still had not finished the deal. She mentioned a credit card - we had the cash for this set aside and did not way to add it to a credit card. I gave her my debit card - BIG mistake - and the deal was closed. She assured me we had not paid twice.

    We came home, went online to check our account and nothing had come out yet. Went back into our account on Monday and there was one $955. purchase. We were very pleased. Went back online Tuesday - and there was a second $955. purchase.

    We immediately called the bank - they confirmed it was the purchase, but Sears had to correct it. My husband called Sears, talking with someone in the business office and was told it would be corrected. Wednesday - both charges were still out of our account.

    We live about an hour from Sears so headed to the store to get the problem corrected. The clerk was there and very apologetic, took us to the business office and the store manager was out to lunch - having just left and would be gone for 1 1/2 hours. Now we had just drive one hour to get there and chose to pass the time running errands in a nearby town, where we again stopped at a branch of our bank and were told they could not do a thing. We were told the store manager would call us upon her return. Almost 2 hours later she did call. She was very adamant there was nothing she could do but wait for the check that was voided to run it's course and the money would go back into our account. She had checked with the check tracking company and it would take at least 7 working days.

    I explained we did not have unlimited money in the checking account and what would she suggest we do when other checks made their way back to the bank, bouncing due to insufficent funds? Then there would be the late fees not only from the bank but from the companies returning the checks. Then the bad credit history due to bouncing checkes - what should be do? She stated she understood perfectly - offered to pay the fees since it was obviously their error- but she could not just put our money instantly back in the bank by sliding our debit card the way it had instantly come out.

    She again stated nothing - absolutely nothing could be done and we would just have to wait. So - it has been 7 days today - that is only 4 working days however, because of Labor Day Holiday. Our bank states it could take up to two weeks to have this transaction reversed by the check tracking company.

    The mattress/box springs were delivered yesterday - but we have been so preoccupied by spending all our time trying to get our $955. back we did not notice if they were even comfortable. We have 30 days to decide that - and if we need to return them we pay the return delivery fee, plus 15% stocking fee. Now you tell me where we go with all of this? Several years ago we stopped shopping at Sears because it seemed that every purchase had some kind of complication that it took endless energy to straighten out. Some old habits are just not broken easily. Hours have already been spent trying to get our money back from their admitted error!

  • Ym
      9th of Dec, 2009
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    I had a similar situation in Brunswick Maine recently. I bought my husband's chainsaw, and wanted to split the payment between debit and charge cards. The cashier had no idea this was not possible so the entire payment came out of my bank acct. When i protested, he told me this was not so, and I should not worry. But I continued to protest to complete the transaction, and the cashier tried to back out of the transaction, only to realize the computer would not let him as I had gone too far in our transaction. After phoning numerous superiors, a man on the phone told him to "unplug the machine" to void the transaction. And he did!!! He then told me the transaction was completely nullified and I will need to purchase the chainsaw again, using a gift card and a credit card. So, I bought a gift card, used it as my cash contribution, and then gave my Visa card for the balance.
    The next day, I found a debit charge to my bank account online. Called the mgr immediately and she said not to worry, the charge would come off in a day or two, kind of like it was a cyber charge 'ghost' in the machine that would work itself out. Another day later, no deletion of the charge. I called again and demanded my money back. The same mgr again told me the charge would come off automatically, now suggesting up to a few days was typical.
    I went down to the business office and had to not only argue with the mgr, but also with the operations mgr, and be put on the phone with a customer solutions expert who had not clue in hell what was up.
    The mgr told me she would review any overdraft fees if they occurred as a result of this error, but that was it. They could not give me money and then be 'out the money twice' if the other charge disappeared!!! So I was supposed to trust Sears to do the right thing without any paper trail or written admission of error or money due, but I was not entitled to the same courtesy or benefit of the doubt. When finally I said, "Fine, and are you going to pay for my groceries til your error is fixed????" that is when the mgr issued me a credit to my debit card, which by the way, two days later is yet to be registered by my bank! Thank GOD for overdraft protection!

  • Ch
      12th of Dec, 2009
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    I purchased a clothing item and used my Sears card to pay for it. In two payments, I completely paid off the balance. Instead, Sears double-billed the original amount. Since Sears/Citi Bank refused to clear up the matter, I filed a complaint with my State of Washington Attorney General. I am angry that even still, it shows as a negative on my credit report and I don't know what else to do other than air my complaint against them on websites such as this one. Is anyone else having experiences such as mine?

  • Ch
      13th of Dec, 2009
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    Last year, I purchased an item of clothing (for a gift) with my Sears credit card. I paid off the balance in two monthly payments. Sears then kept billing for an unpaid balance. After corresponding with them and their refusal to budge, I notified my state's Office of Attorney General. They notified Sears/Citibank about the complaint and after much ado, they could not get the matter resolved. Since I'm not wealthy, I feel the only thing left is complaint websites such as yours -- a way to air my complaint about Sears/Citibank, thus giving them some negative publicity.

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