Sears / craftsman platinum lawn mower

Phoenix, AZ, United States

I purchased a Craftsman Platinum lawn mower in January 2017. Several times when starting the lawn mower I would pull the cord and would wind up pulling the front of the lawn mover up into the air. Then, in August 2017 it would not start. I visited Sears lawn mower department and was told to take it to a Sears Authorized repair shop (Vito's lawn mower) on 32nd Street in Phoenix, AZ.

On August 12, 2017 I took it to Vito's they told me it would be fixed in a week. It took two and half weeks before I got a call that it was ready. The very next time I tried to use it, it would not start and the cord was still hard to pull. I went back to Sears, where I spoke to the manager of the department, and asked for a refund or replacement. He informed me that I would have to bring it Vito's four times before I would get a refund or replacement. So I took it back to Vito's on Saturday September 2. The manager of Sears called Vito's personally and relayed back to me the lawn mower would be ready on September 5th and I did not get it back until September 21st. While I was there on the 2nd of September I pulled the cord to demonstrate the issue I'm having with the lawn mower and on the second pull the front wheels came up off the floor. While I was at Vito's on the 21st I asked the repairman how he fixed the hard to pull problem, he stated that it wasn't hard to pull, he did nothing.

I'm frustrated with this whole incident, Sears management was no help with solving this issue they said anything to get me out of the store. I felt The authorized repair shop was indifferent to my issue and do nothing to fix the lawn mower.

I would like a full refund on my purchase.

Barbara Lahaie

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    September 26. 2017

Sep 26, 2017

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