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Sears Canada / delivery status notification

1 5061 Dominion streetBurnaby, British Columbia, Canada Review updated:

I ordered an inversion table (large piece of fitness equipment) as a Christmas gift for my partner. He has a bad back and I wanted it to be a surprise. Unfortunately the one I saw a Costco was way too big and heavy for me to transport so I decided to order this online via Sears for an additional 100 dollars and a shipping fee of 50 dollars. I was then asked to pick a day of delivery and that was December 24, 2008.

Now if they weren't able to accommodate, then I surely would have figured out another way of purchasing this item to be under (or beside) the tree for Christmas morning. His back has been so bad I new this was a gift that would bring him much needed relief and could be incorporated with the treatment and exercises he's doing to improve his condition as much as possible.

I remained at my home all day on the 24th and waited. Waited and waited. I dutifully checked the status of my order on line which did not indicate any delay or reason for this item not to arrive at the agreed upon scheduled day.

As the afternoon progressed I decided to call Sears customer service. I was on hold for at least an hour before I had to take other calls then call back. When I did call back, the recording said the business was now closed for the holiday. I could not believe this. Up until 8pm, I was sure they would come but it didn't.

I was mad, and I dont' get mad easily. I would have been satisfied if someone from Sears called me to let me know this item was not going to make it. I felt it was particularly crucial considering it was Christmas Eve and a gift. So I drafted a strongly worded email to the customer service line, demanding a call when they did open to provide me with a proper explanation, exact time and date. I didn't get that call so at 9am so I call customer service. I did recieve an indifferent form email from Sears with no indication of the information I was requesting.

I didn't get the chap's name who took my call. I was more indifferent than the email. I asked him very simple, justified questions that I deserved answers to. Instead I get this crap:

Me: Why didn't the item arrive?
Customer Service answer: Oh, what location was that supposed be picked up yet?
Me: Um, it was supposed to be delivered to my residents. Where is it?
CS answer: Hold on (he then seems to looking maybe). Um it's on the truck.
Me: What? What truck? On my account it indicates "order completed". What does that mean?
CS answer: Well it may very well be on route and arrive sometime today or tomorrow.
Me: That is not good enough. You need to look into this and give me an acceptable answer to my query.
CS answer: (in a bored indifferent tone) I'm sorry, we don't have that information ma'am.
Me: OK, so you dont' iknow and it sounds like you don't give a *(O&*&^9
CS answer: That's not true ma'am. It's being shipped by UPS.
Me: (thinking now I'm getting somewhere) I'll contact them then. I need the information to track this.
CS answer: Oh they can't do that.
Me: You mean you don't care and are unwilling to help me.
CS answer: That's not true ma'am...
Me: (I hung up) and continue to wait.

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    I can tell you right here and now the problem with your order not showing up on time was the fact that;
    a: It was being shipped by UPS. Who ever ordered this for you chose the wrong ship code.
    b: The reason the associate could not help you is because the associates are no given tracking numbers or anything for these orders.
    c: Sears hired contractors to do everything. This is the #1 reason for the ### service you receive at the hand of Sears. There is no accountability for the people who are hired to deliver stuff to the customers.
    d: Sears Canada is owned by an American subsidiary of Sears Roebuck who are owned by accountants. These idiots have seperated the company, sold off piece by piece of it, like the Sears credit cards, and made policies to suit the lining of their pockets. They dont care about your satisfaction, they just care about your money.
    e: 99.8% of Retail Sales Associates don't give a damn about you!! Beth in Whitby On is the only one I have seen call Customer Service for updates on her customers' orders when there is an issue and that is when she is at home or on vacation. But most of these store associates, as soon as they have your money, and they will lie through their teeth to get that sale they dont care. They wont even do anything to help fix it. They have their commission. Oh well. Sadly.. again there is no accountability.

    There is a way you can get back at Sears.
    You see.. there is a new initiative happening right now.
    Any large item you purchase ie.. fridge, stove, fitness equiptment, furniture that is delivered and damaged the associates have to try to make you keep it damaged.

    Yeah.. pathetic isnt it.

    Well it worked for me. I bought a $699.99 fridge on sale, reg.949.99. It had a tiny scratch on it, I blew it out of proportion so I could get more money from them. I got $300 back and there really isnt anything wrong with it.

    They dont ask for pictures., they dont sent a technician to check. So as far as I am concerned SCREW SEARS!!! Take 'em for what ever you can get, because trust me, you cant get a $949.99 fridge anywhere else for $399.99.

    I wouldnt be suprised if they are not belly up in a couple of years.

    So, a lot of times it is the people selling who screw stuff up. Sadly the people in Customer Service have to hear all the yelling and screaming and complaints every day and the company does not give them the resources to properly assist you. How do I know. I have a friend who works in customer service.
    These associates get ### on every day by their managers. And yes, they do have managers, but they will not take a call. These associates have to answer questions for all catalogue, retail store and internet orders, they have to have knowledge of the parts and service warranties and screens, they have to know how to set up a medic to come out and look at your furniture, determine if in warranty, convince people to keep damaged stuff (associates have been fired because managers did not think they were trying hard enough to keep an item sold).

    No longer in Sears Canada is it "Satisfaction Guaranteed". With the delivery sites used, it should read "Guaranteed Damaged!!".

    So buyers beware with Sears Canada. If you order products, ensure you screw them out of some money on large ticket items. Keep your receipts files away, because the company will no longer replace them for you if you need to return something. And always document who you spoke to, what day and what time.

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