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Sears / rude, cold, impersonal service

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I wanted to comment on the Corinth Sears since Danny and Linda Woodruff have taken over this store it has gone to hell in a handbasket. This store used to be a great place to shop in Corinth. In fact Many times my wife and I were looking at something at either the Memphis Sears or the Tupelo Sears before purchasing it we would check to see if we could get it through the Corinth Store and if Possible Buy it there. We've bought a 46" tv. a large Treadmill, window air conditioners, a large upright Freezer, and a over the stove microwave. All of this just in the past 3-4 years. It is very safe to say that we are very well established customers of the Corinth Sears. On December the 8th of 2007 my wife and I were in the store an looking at a home Theater Surround Sound System to replace the one that had stopped working. We left to shop around and look at other systems, and she secretly called back and purchased the item over the phone from a sales assioate named Cindy. on Christmas Eve she gave the the system to me as a Gift. Upon opening it my first thoughts were that this was not the same box that I had looked at in the store. when I opened the box I found that the system was very used. one side of the unit was dented, the speaker towers were scratched and there was no paper work nor remote in the box. We made the decision that we would return this unit to the store and find something else. On the 26th we purchaced a different system at the Tupelo store and made plans to return the original one to the Corinth store on the 27th. Upon entering the store around 1:45pm on the 27th we were approached by store assioate "Cindy" and after telling her what we were there for she advised us that her "manager" (the owner Linda Woodruff) was at Wal-mart shopping and had been gone about 25 minutes and would return shortly, and that since this was considered a "big ticket item" that the return would have to be done by the owner. We told her that this would be fine and that we would just Wait for her to return. After about 15 minutes it beacame obvious that our waiting was not accaptable to Cindy and she began calling her manager to see if she could go ahead and process the return. As she was trying to ring up the return the managers husband (owner Danny Woodruff) called and informed Cindy that she would have to charge us a 15% restocking fee since I had not brought back the Remote or Manuals that should be in the Box. I told Cindy that this was unaccaptable as I was returning the unit because it was missing these items. She imeadeatly became very defensive and rude with us informing me that if I wanted to return the unit I could pay the 15% or wait until the manager returned from the Bank and talk to her, again we advised her that we would wait. This only seemed to fuel her anger. After well over an hour of Waiting she informed us that the Manager had called again and stated that she would be there "shortly". My wife asked her what shortly meant because she had been telling us shortly for over an hour. Cindy spun around on my wife and started yelling at her that she did not know when the manager would be back and that she had told us it would be shortly and that was all she knew and that if we had any problem with it we were welcome to leave any time and she once again disapeared into the back stockroom. after a few minutes she came back out and was waiting on another customer when a police officer walked in wanting to know what the problem was. we all just kind of stared at him not knowing what to say. finaly my wife spoke up and said that the only problem that we had was that we had been waiting over an hour and a half for the manager to return to process our return. my wife turned to Cindy and stated, "oh my lord, you called the police on me because I wanted to return this!?" the poiice officer stated that he had been dispatched to the store because a customer was yelling, and screaming at the manager and being Belierent with her (the manager that at this point was still not even in the store) after the police arrived it was still around 30 to 45 minutes before the manager walked into the store. when mrs Woodruff walked in she came through the door in a huff, obviously mad that we were still there waiting for her, as soon as she walked up she got in my wifes face and yelled to her that she had already had 2 rude customers that week and she was not going to put up with our crap. I told her that paying 15% for returning this item was simply un-acceptable and she mouthed off a little wile about different things and then finaly stated that she was going to refund our money but that she DID NOT WANT TO. after several minutes of typing on the register she handed us a recipt showing our credit and lo and behold it was 15% short of what we paid for the system. I informed her again that this was unacceptable and the police officer pointed out to her that she did say she would issue a full credit and that she needed to do so. so she placed a call to Sears Corperate hotline to find out how to do this. While on hold she turned to us and pointed out that we had purchaced this 20 days earlier, why were we just now returning it. we reminded her once again that it was just a couple of days after Christmas and it had been a Christmas Gift and there fore had been hidden for the 20 days in question. Finally after talking to her district manager she was able to refund our full purchase price, but never not one single time did we get any type of apology from either the Rude clerk Cindy nor mrs Woodruff. We have spent the days since then telling every one that we can about our experience and it will be our goal that no one we know will purchase any thing from this Sears store as long as Mr and Mrs Woodruff own it. If you find this comment helpful, please call Mrs Linda Woodruff at the store [protected], and let her know the story is out on how she treats repeat customers.

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      28th of Nov, 2008
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    On Black Friday, my 70 year old mother who just had knee surgery went to Sears to Get a doorbuster special for one of her grandchildren for Christmas...she waited in the long lines for an hour, she was one of the first ones in, she went straight to the electronics dept. and was the first one there...for a Sony I-Pod dock. They didn't even have any was in their ad as a doorbuster special and didn't have a single one in the whole store. Never got them in. So My Mom went home angry.Why would you be allowed to publish a sale on something you don't even have and they were not giving out rainchecks. Sears has really taken a fall on customer service and reliability!!! We will no longer be going to Sears to shop!

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