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Sears / sears technitian proke my water softner!

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On Friday, August 4, 2006, I had a scheduled appointment with Sears for service to my water softner. The water softner was bought from Sears, installed by Sears and has been serviced by Sears since I bought it. On the fourth of August a service technician came to my home to service the softner but instead broke it. He did not tell me the home owner instead as he was driving out of my driveway he told my son that we would not have water fpor 24 hours. I literally ran up the driveway after him and told him this was not acceptable because I have a medically handicapped husband who could die without sterile conditions and water. He replied there was nothing he could do call Sears.

My husband is a C-4 quadripeligic, who is on a bowel program, a bladder program and also has autonomic dysreflexia. All medical conditions are very grave and people who work with him need to be very clean and their hands must also be washed before touching him. He also needs a lot of water to drink so that he doeas not become dehydrated, which is common with quadripelgics. My husband's medical condition is documented and I can provide records from his many different doctors. Aside from this family tragedy, you can imagine how much stress I am under dealing with this relatively new injury and being his main caretaker.

I called Sears and begged for help. I pleaded and explained the medical urgency and necessity that we have running water in my home. I also explained their techniciamn broke the softner. After an hour on the phone and several disconnectsI became hysterical, cerying, screaming and begging for help. They continued to ell me that was to bad and I could not have service for twenty-four hours. I then called Sears Customer Service. I spoke to very nice gentleman who told me he would have to get his manger. He said he understood my frustration and would try to provide me with some help. The woman who took the call gave me the same answer as everyone else. When I asked if she understood the graveness of the situation and the medical jeapordy they were putting my husband in, she became huffy. She told the young man to hanfg up on me and the call was over. She said, "Ma'am if you have a problem call 911."

I was on the phone with Sears for 2 1/2 hours. I can not believe how insensitive they were to our situation. Mostly, I can not believe how rude and unprofessional they were. I would like to know how they would handle the situation if it were their loved one? No one was concerned about the medical condition of my husband or the stress they were causing our family.

Meantime, I heard from Sears again on August 7, 2006 when a part was delivered. Then I heard fro them again on August 9 when another part was delivered.

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