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We bought a set of Washer and Drier on March 30, 2018. At the time the salesperson helped us to choose the best which happened to be one of the latest model. We also decided to get the Insurance after how the salesman explained how great it was, how their service will cover repairs in a timely manner. Not even two weeks after we got the set delivered i had to contact the Repair department in regards to the washer. I am so disappointed in their service, Its June 4 and the issue has not been solved, three technicians had been sent to the house, and today is supposedly the day of the fourth visit to finally fix the washer but no part has arrived. I have called numerous times to have to wait so long, at least 20-30 minutes, so someone can answer and then transfer me to another department. Many times the systems disconnects me because i " had been so long on wait" that the system automatically kicks me off queue. A part was ordered two weeks ago so it'll be ready for the tech today, nothing came in the mail and i had to contact sears and after several attempts I was told on Friday June 1 that the part is on back order. I can't understand why sears couldn't contact me to notify the situation. Its over six weeks and I have a brand new machine which doesn't work the way its supposed to be, its paid in full, and sears can't back up their product?? I was also told by the techs that "since its such a new model Sears doesn't carry the parts yet" or " the techs are still learning how to repair this newer models" Really?? How can they sell a product they don't even know how to repair. I also forgot to mention that the second tech that came to my house did nothing except telling me to call sears and request a new washer and the guy even handed me a slip for $100 for the visit to which he added I had nothing to worry about as its cover by the insurance. Im honestly thinking of contacting other resources as Sears doesn't care much about customers once they pay and take the product. I regret so much making the decision of buying from this store and would not ever buy one single item from here. As I am typing I was just disconnected once again from their service department line when I am trying to find an answer why the technician hasn't come or contacted by email when my appointment is today from 10-2PM

Jun 04, 2018

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