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Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Purchased a service agreement from Clementine (not an American and one who can barely understand me) for $328. She scheduled an appointment for Jan 25, 8:00 to 12:00 for a Freon leak. She was not able to send me an email because her internet service provider did not recognize my 10 year old email address, but gave me a service order 0008203 [protected]. We also tried two more email addresses.
Wednesday January 25. Waited 8-12 and no one came or called.
Thursday January 26, Audrey (Not an American accent), id #8011909 scheduled an appointment for emergency service as the fridge is no longer working at all! She said Clementine had written the wrong call back number. She apologized and said some one would be in contact soon, but could not give me the name of the person who would call me back.
Friday January 27. Audrey 8011919 transferred me to Lisa id # 108845 at [protected] x 6 in Roundrock, TX.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Birmingham, AL I had to start all over with my story and Lisa could not find the service order at all. Lisa's title is a Customer Solution Manager in Power. She gave me two options. Sit around and wait until February 17 when a technician can get to my area, or obtain a full refund for the service agreement. She apologized but said there is nothing else she can do. She could not give me the name of the local service person or a supervisor who could remedy this situation in a more equitable fashion.
I am now on hold and have been for 59:51 for the refund department.
Friday, January 27 Randy, id # 610816 in Highpoint, NC cancelled the service agreement.
I am now faced with calling a legitimate service company and starting this whole process over. This is the worst excuse for a service company and Sears should be ashamed for having to put your employees through the process of apologizing profusely for the obvious lack of commitment to service. There is not service.

I have spoken with two people from another country, one from TX, and one from NC.

Jan 27, 2017

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