Sears Brands / kenmore elite refrigerator

West Chester, PA, United States

We bought a Kenmore elite refrigerator in 2014. The ice maker never really worked (I needed to open up the ice bucket and shake the cubes around before the ice would come down and be dispensed). We had that fixed, but it never worked correctly so I just would open up the ice bucket in the fridge and shake it until the ice cubes around.

In late April, the freezer began losing its capacity to keep things frozen (Wednesday). My husband came home on Thursday and bought ice because We saw that it was not working correctly. We called the repair man & it was on Monday before the repair man could get there. By Sunday, we threw out everything in the freezer.

Long story short, we are getting a new refrigerator because it would have cost us over a $1000 to fix the old one. I will never buy a Sears product again!

May 3, 2017

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