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Sears Automotive / terrible service!

1 Dedham, MA, United States

I purchased tires from Sears Automotive and had them installed when they arrived in the shop a few days later. I shopped in Sears and waited in the waiting room for two and a half hours while they worked on my car. I asked if there was a problem after 2 hours and the gentleman at the front desk said that "there was a problem with the rear alignment. The technician was going to heat up the calibers and I caught him...we would have owned the car if he did this. " I couldn't believe he told me this and then he said "but he's almost done now and he's giving it a test drive he'll be right in." 15 minutes later... Not done. I was told it was going to take 15 more minutes.

I left 2 and a half hours later. I drove the next day 50 miles to visit friends, drove home another 50, drove to Boston for dinner another 25 miles... had a wonderful dinner and while pulling out of the parking garage there was a horrendous sound coming from the passenger side. We stopped the car immediately. (here I am thinking someone hit my car in the parking lot) when I look at the tire and inside the well on the tire rod is a huge vice wrench still attached to my car from the alignment almost 24 hours earlier. The wrench had a rubber grip on it, which was shredded to death. We took it off, checked the tires and drove home.

The next day was Sunday and there was no manager on duty, when I called to check. I went to Sullivan Tire and had my car checked as I was petrified to drive my car. Worried that my tires were going to fall off or something. I explained my situation to the manager there and he said he's fixed many of their problems. He guaranteed me the tires we on tight and drivable... but that they were on backwards. My tires turn out that they can only be mounted one direction. They have a special traction control where the tire is designed to lean on an edge. So the edge was on the inside. he informed me that the tires were actually really dangerous to be on that way, making my little suv much more flippable.

I drove to Sears and expressed my dismay and disappointment. The sears manager said " I installed these tires the other day and they are fine. IF the tires were on backwards they would say that with an arrow on the tire or mount this side in marked on them" I said well did you follow manufacturers specks or did you just assume? He said that he knew they weren't on backwards. I showed him the same details that Sullivan tire did and he said. If that's what you want I'll turn them around. It will only take a half hour. 15 minutes later, he came out and said. I'm really sorry about the misunderstanding. I made a big mistake. I'm sorry. I said that it would have been worst if I had been in an accident from the wrench ripping through my car somewhere or my car flipping. I will never recommend this company to any one ever!!!

He didn't care. He didn't refund any money. I don't know what to say except they suck!!

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