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I scheduled an appointment to have my car serviced for wheel alignment, balance and rotation. I purchased the "Lifetime Wheel Alignment" last year as I have with all of by vehicles in the past. I scheduled an appointment for Thursday March 16th at pm (One pm). Upon arrival I was told that i would be completed by 2:30 pm. I sat in the waiting room and I noticed that at 2pm my car had not been looked at, moved, absolutely nothing had been done. I asked the manager and he said that "I told you it would be done at 2:30". By this time it was almost 2:20 so I knew that the services would not be completed by 2:30 and had a prior commitment that I would not get to on time due to the service not being started yet. I asked the manager for his managers phone and the manager refused to give it to me, He told me to call customer service. I called them around pm on that day and was told that a complaint had been filed and that the district manager would be contacting me within 3 business days. NO Call Back as of yet. Every time that I visited in the past, It seemed that the manager was not pleased that there would be no charges for my service. I also made an appointment so that I would be able to get in and out in a timely manner. Each Time that I schedule for my alignments, I am not treated favorably because I will not be exchanging revenue.

Mar 27, 2017

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