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Sears Auto Center / ripped off!

1 2 Oakbrook CenterOak Brook, IL, United States

I am writing after a horrible experience with the OakBrook, IL Sears Auto Center branch. Wednesday 11/24 my car had died and I had it towed to the closest location to my job due to mile restrictions on my insurance policy for road side assistance. Back in January 2010, I had a new car starter put in my car and found out that it happened to still be under warranty for another 2 months and I could go to any Sears Auto. I had my car dropped off and repaired within 4 hours, and was told it was the starter and it was replaced free of charge, due to the warranty. When I got in my car afterwards to head home, the startup lagged and I noticed the Check Engine light was on. I immediately called Sears and told them and they said I could bring it back Friday to have it tested to see what it was. I stopped off somewhere shortly after and when I tried to start my car again just an hour later it lagged and almost didn’t start which concerned me. I live near the Niles Auto Center, and they told me that I could bring it in there Friday to have it looked at also. After waiting a half hour and literally chasing down a mechanic that actually acknowledged my existence, they tested my car and said that there was a problem with the Crank Shaft Sensor and they could not fix it but I could bring it to the Shell Gas Station down the street, which I did. I brought my car there at 11am on Friday morning and waited 7 hours to get a response from the mechanic who then told me that the starter was put in wrong because the teeth within it didn’t match up. He told me he had to take the starter out and put it back in and then put the Crank Shaft Sensor in. I asked why the sensor went bad he told me he didn’t know, to take it up with Sears Auto, with the knowledge and common sense that my car was working fine on Tuesday 11/23 and there was no issue with the sensor or Sears would have told me about it instead of just replacing the starter.
Today 11/29, I contacted the manager, Matt Simmons, at the Sears in Oakbrook and told them about the incident on Wednesday that caused further issues with my car. He was very concerned and polite on the phone stating that shouldn’t have happened and he would reimburse me the money that I needed to fix the new issue, which was caused by the Starter that was put in on Wednesday. I met with Matt Simmons at 3:30pm today and showed him the receipt which just showed the labor and part price for the sensor. He stated there was nothing on there in regards to the Starter, which was the conversation that myself and the Shell mechanic had about the starter not being placed correctly. Matt Simmons contacted Shell on the phone and they proceeded to make jokes about me coming in the store just to get money. Shell told Mr. Simmons that my car was not there for 7 hours and that the sensor had nothing to do with the starter, which is not what he told me directly after charging me for the work. Mr. Simmons hung up the phone and told me that it was normal wear and tear and it was not Sear’s problem. I explained to him that the issue with the sensor didn’t even start until they put the starter in my car Wednesday. Mr. Simmons then rudely asked me how do I even know he put a sensor in my car? He could have just told me that and that I was ripped off. I said I was not a mechanic I wouldn’t know. He told me that I was just trying to receive money from him which he was not going to pay because I didn’t have proof Sears had anything to do with the sensor. He then told me to get out of his store and walked behind me to make sure I left, with more than one mechanic to witness this.

Myself and my family have been going to Sears Auto as long as I can remember, and I have never been disrespected or laughed at by anyone in a customer service role, especially a Manager, as I was today by Mr. Simmons. I have never been accused of trying to get money from anyone and his demeanor was uncalled for by kicking me out of the store, especially in front of customers. I would hope to receive some kind of an apology as I am very disappointed the way a manager would talk to anyone like he did. I am not writing to receive any form of money by any means, I was rudely shunned for not knowing about cars and was treated like a fool when I went there to resolve an issue I believe was caused and misdiagnosed by Sears. This was by far the worst experience I have had with a company, and I would hope the matter will be looked into as I feel I was ripped off and then severely talked down on.
Thank you for your time and I would hope the mannerisms that Mr. Simmons showed me today, is not a sign of the future in Sears customer service.

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