Sears / gasc sauna

Arvada, CO, United States

I recently purchased the 3 person sauna from Sears with high spirits and expectations. Figuring that I am purchasing a product from a well known and respected home improvement center, I figured I would be getting an A+ product. For $1, 995 I could get a 3 person sauna that would help with my arthritis and my wife’s back problems…..or so that’s what I was told.

I’ve had several surgeries on my right knee, and I constantly suffer from chronic arthritis. My doctor informed me that Far Infarred heat would help alleviate the pain and help in detoxify my body. The salesman from Sears said that these Carbon heaters in this sauna would alleviate all my arthritis pain and help with my wife’s back issues.

After waiting 20 minutes the sauna FINALLY heated past 120 degrees, this after I set it to 140 degrees. After sitting in the sauna for 10 minutes I finally produced a small sweat. 20 minutes later my timer turned off and it felt as if I had sat in a really hot car for 30 minutes. I figured that the sauna might be working out the kinks since it was new; however, after 2 weeks of use, I have nothing positive to say. There was no profuse sweating, my knee experienced a very small amount of relief, and my wife could not tell any difference with her back. With a 3 person sauna only having 6 heaters in it, how can they expect to heat the entire unit??? The salesman claimed that these Carbon heater would provide a soft constant heat; he was right on the soft part. You can put your hand next to the heater, and it feels no more powerful than a space heater! Not only are the heaters weak, but as is the wood. They claim to use hemlock as the wood of choice; however, hemlock is not a hyperalogenic wood. At least I don’t have to worry because this sauna can’t heat up enough for the wood to emit toxins. Cheap wood, cheap heaters, CHEAP SAUNA.

This sauna does not delivery what it promises to do, and for spending $2, 000 this sauna deserves an F on the report card.

-Sauna for sale by un-happy customer

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