Sears / air compressor and several associated tools to go with it

Illinois, United States
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I would like to share my online experience with Sears. Hopefully this will make someone think twice before shopping at Sears.

This order was placed on June 20th, 2016 - all of the items were for my husbands birthday which will be July 15th. So I was planning well in advance. Here's how it's going.

Item # 1 - 27 gallon air compressor - this item sits broken in our garage. It arrived at the Pittsfield, IL store, we picked it up and my husband followed the instructions to start it and the motor is seized in it.

Items #2 and #3 - Delivered (Socket Set and Pro Accessory Kit)

Item #4 - Item was CANCELLED - 11 Piece Accessory Kit with Storage Pouch. I received an email this item was cancelled and I would be refunded; however I HAVE NOT BEEN REFUNDED, and it has been 6 days since it was supposedly processed. The Customer Service Rep actually told me to call my bank to find the refund... Seriously - the purchase was made on a Debit Card, when a refund is processed it automatically goes back into my checking account. It is NOT there.

Item #5 - 1/2" Heavy Duty Impact Wrench - I was told it was in SHIPPED status. No one can tell me what day it shipped or provide a tracking #. That makes no sense to me at all. They are customer service, if they can see an item shipped, and see all the other things they told me, why can't they see a shipped date or tracking #?
When I pressed for it I was immediately told, "we'll refund you for the item". Seriously... I was just told it was shipped??? Now I have an email from customer service confirming the item is cancelled and I will receive a refund.

Will this refund really come? The other one did not! I kept getting told they have to send an email to their Offline department and I'll get some response from them in 24-48 hours.

Are you kidding - this is the service you get when you call "Customer Service". I guess part of the problem is - I wasn't calling anyone in America because I sure struggled to understand a word the non-English speaking people I spoke to.

So my husband's birthday is next week. His Air Compressor sits broken in the garage, one item was cancelled with NO REFUND, and another item is also now being cancelled, and even if we do see a refund from this department I spoke with - they CAN'T refund the tax!!! Really! I paid the tax, I didn't get the item, who's keeping the tax??? Does Sears keep tax for items they don't actually sell to someone?

All of the items I purchased were needed not just 2 of them. Sockets are no good without an Impact Wrench. Air tools are useless with a broken compressor...

I'm disgusted with Sears and the "Hometown" Service I've received. Once all of this is resolved, and I've already spent many hours on it - neither I nor my husband will ever come near a Sears or a website. I know that's not very motivating for someone to help us with ALL of these issues, but my expectations are already very low because that's where you all have set your bar.

Great job Sears - thank you for ruining my husbands birthday I had planned from me to him.

Jane Klindworth

Jul 06, 2016

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