Sears 1-800-4-My-Homesears kenmoree washer

I have a Sears 4 my home extended warranty when I began having issues with the washer. Sears has sent the same repairman 4 out of 5 times
I have called for service. I load my clothes add detergent and push start .

The machine gets stuck in detection mode and spins for an hours off and on without pumping in water. I or the Sears repairman can manually advance the washer to fill with water. After it fills with water, it washes for hours until I manually force it to drain. I have had Sears out a total of 5 times. It always runs through the cycle for them, but they test for codes which their are never any.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Hoffman Estates, IL I have requested a technician to just observe, not check for codes or touch the machine. Just observe the machine and see what I see. I bought an automatic washer not a manual one. It is warranted for $500.00 They can't fix the machine, but have replaced a circuit board and the pump motor.

Since they cannot fix the machine and will not observe it without pushing buttons to see what I see. And since they won't replace the washer or pay me the $500.00 in the contracted value of the washer. I want to film the technician manually advancing the washer and being dishonest about the washer. I want either a replacement washer or for Sears to pay me $500.00 for the washer

Jan 31, 2017

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