Sam's Club / Sam's Westmember's mark bread & pizza flour (25 lbs.)

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I am a member of SamsClub; I bought a lot of things on December 1st, including 3 bags of flour, but one of them was really bad. I think that it has been contaminated by fungi. I FEEL unsatisfied with that. I took pictures for that to show you. The Samsclub far away from my home around 2 hours. I called them to get a refund, but they didn't accept and said that I have to go to the store. This is not my fault. This is their fault.

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Sam's Club / Sam's West
Sam's Club / Sam's West
Sam's Club / Sam's West
Sam's Club / Sam's West
Sam's Club / Sam's West
Sam's Club / Sam's West

Dec 02, 2018
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  •   Dec 02, 2018

    Uhh, what store gives a refund without receiving items back? You chose to shop two hours away to save money, so now you have to go back for a refund. Any time I’ve made a purchase, I’ve made sure I can return it easily. I learned that in 1993 when buying my first computer, a 386 with 2 mgs of ram, $1600. Store was an hour away and I had to go back numerous times. Computers were new and no one close sold them. The internet was too new to trust.

    You don’t say where you’re located but if in the east, snow and moisture can contaminate a product. In summers, flour gets meal worms and other bugs. The store isn’t at fault; the shipper and distributor didn’t keep the product in the cold.

    If this were me making this stupid mistake, I’d call corporate and talk nicely. Tell them you can’t drive four hours but you can ship it back via UPS if they pay for it. A gift card for the cost of shipping three, twenty-five pound boxes plus the cost of pickup. If in the same zone, it shouldn’t cost more than $18 each plus $8.25 for pickup. Approximately $75 to return via ups.

    Or, have a driver pick them up. They can send someone .

    But if they refuse, legally you are up the creek. Learn a lesson; driving far to save money usually costs more in the end. Shop locally, spend $5 more but know that you can return things easily.

    You should be angry — at yourself — for not thinking this out smartly.

    If you were an Amazon Prime member, it could have cost $35 per bag with free two-day shipping. What did you pay?!

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