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Dickson City, Pennsylvania, US

On November 11, 2017, I Went to the Dickson City, PA store and purchase tire for both my car and my truck. I had previously went to the store and spoke with a representative from the tire department who gave me a quote on both vehicles, at that time he suggested I wait to have the tire but on, if I could, until the sale on November 11. I did. I had the tires put on the car and truck, and my son and I waited over 6 hours as the tire department was busy. The store was not prepared for the sale, as they did not have enough help on hand. As a result the staff was overwhelmed and their attitude reflected that.
However, My son and I waited patiently and finally we were handed envelopes with the receipt and warranty information. We drove home which is over 50 miles from the store. I have used my truck on a regular basis, but my son who just received his license does not use the car much,
On Saturday, November 23, 2017. My son drove to vestal NY, as we live close to the boarder. He returned and informed me that the car sounded as if it had a flat tire. The next when it was light out, I looked over the car, and discovered that the rear driver side tire was missing a lug nut and stud.
I jacked up the car and found that the tire was loose. I tightened the tire and took the car to the Sam's Club in Vestal NY, which is about 25 to thirty miles from our home. I went to the tire department and explained the situation, and I was informed that the Dickson City store is responsible for the repair, and that I should contact the Store Manager, because they will have a local company that they deal with for such repairs.
I went out side to the car and call the Dickson City Store and asked to speak with the manager, I was put on the phone with someone who I believe was named Ken, he said its not his problem, that they check all the tires and he became combative with me. I said I wanted to speak with the Store Manager, he said he was on lunch, I asked to have him call me. This man Ken said its not the stores problem and continued to get more combative, to the point that harsh words were exchanged.
I hung up and went back into the Vestal Store and asked to speak with a manager. Bonnie came out, I explained the situation, She apologized on behalf of your company, and when asked she told me to file a complaint on line. she also offer to put a lug nut on the car, but I informed her it was more involved than that.
I have been a customer for a long time Since 05/ 2012. Member #1C134100 [protected] Zfour Contracting Inc.
My family and I spend thousands of dollars per year at your store. If fact the purchase I made on the tires amounted to just about $1, 400.00 TC# [protected] 46.
I have been in my business for over 35 years, and I can tell you, this is not the way you treat customers.
The mileage on the car at the time of the install was 212357, the mileage when I got to Sam's vestal yesterday was 212504
a difference of 147 mile, given the trip home from Dickson City and trip to and from Vestal by son and my trip to Vestal, I calculate the approximate mileage.
Dickson city to Montrose Pa home approx. 55 miles
Home to vestal approx. 30 miles
Vestal to home approx. 30 miles
Home to Vestal approx. 30 miles
Total approx. 145 miles
We did use the car that much, and actually the problem began on his way to Vestal, so the actual mileage was in the 55 to 75 mileage range.

I am having the repairs done to the car at my cost. As the safety of my son, while driving the car is at hand, which is one reason I hd new tire put on it. However, as it is apparent that at least one of your stores does not care about its customers or their safety, I will have to consider what if any purchases I make from your company in the future. As I am also a Costco, member, perhaps I will give them more of my business. Very disappointed.
Reverend David Zukowski

Nov 28, 2017

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