Sam's Club / quoratia diamond ring

Norman, OK, United States
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Quite a few years ago I purchased this ring. Recently, it was in need of repair. At this point I could not find a jeweler who could work on a quoratia setting. Requires special Equiptment. I contacted Sams customer service to find out if they could direct me. After several discussions I was told to return it to Sams for a refund/repair. I only wanted repair and was willing to pay. The lady at the Sams Club told me to take it to a jeweler. She said if I had not purchased a repair plan they would not touch it. She was extremely rude. I once again contacted Sams customer service. They said if problem not resolved to contact them again. I did. They are now ignoring my requests. If you buy something at Sams it is "as is." They will not help you after the sale.

Jan 25, 2017

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