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Sam's Club / scam and fraud

1 Monterey avePalm Desert, CA, United States Review updated:
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On may 10th 2008 I purchased a watch for mothers day. The watch states water resistant 30 meters. After being worn only about 4 times my wife went in the pool 5ft deep. Upon exiting we noticed condensation in watch and it was no longer working.

The following day 6/15/2008 we took it and receipt to "sam's" club for exchange or refund. After waiting @ return desk for 10min we were sent to jewlery counter, after waiting for service and no one showing she was paged again. Now another 10min a somewhat unhappy representative appeared. Telling her problem she asked for box watch had come in along with all other items in box such as user manuel. I told her we had already red manuel and didn't need it any longer so all that had been disgarded, I also told her at no time during purchase were we told to keep "all" product material. As turned to walk away she told me return policy is on website and I should have read it. I said I didn't buy from any website I bought in store. She then turned & walked away saying she is going to manager as she walked away! She was there no longer than 2min bore leaving us @ counter for another 10min.

Manager walks up to us, does not offer us any resolution, or even ask how she can help. She had already determined her mode of action, handed me back watch & receipt stating same thing as other girl. I repeated my situation and also stated how her empoyee had told me I should have read policy on website. She appologised for that statement and told me to go back home see waht I could find if anything. If I could not find anything she "may" be able to offer store credit.

This is rediculous, does she not know price of gas, is her time not valuable to her, is she really asking me to dig through trash can outside @ over 100 degrees? Fact is knowing it or not, this is exactly what she's telling me to do if I want credit! Hell no, and now i'm upset! I run a service business and no way would I have many customers if this is what I thought was customer satisfaction! I reminded the this is a membership store, we pay to keep place going and to shop here. They should go beyond retail customer service, and strive to meet the neeeds of their "members".

Well I will do all they require to get my refund, and when I return I will also ask for my membership to be canceled and hope they honor policy that states "if @ anytime you are unhappy with service, full membership fee will be returned." we'll see what happens maybe i'll have to pass some timed obstacle course out back and grab my money flying around in wind chamber to really receive refund?

I'm going back to "costco" I never had trouble there and was just giving "sam's club" a try.

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  • Su
      2nd of Sep, 2008
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    See, this is why I do not have a membership with Sam's Club. I wanted to go into one once, just to see whether it would be worth getting a membership. I was stopped outside and asked for my membership card. They told me I could not go inside unless I was a member. I said, "So I cannot even look inside and determine if I want a membership, until I pay $40 (at the time) for a membership?" The response was "yes". So I said, fine, I will go back to BJ's. At least they allow people to go in and determine if the cost of the membership is worth it.

  • Mi
      1st of Nov, 2008
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    I too am a Costco member and decided to give the La Quinta one a try as well as the Palm Desert one too. If you go in there is only one cashier go across the way to costco there is alway 5 or more open, and people lined up with stufff.
    The only reason I got a Sams Club card was because they had Rockband 2 and Costco did not. The Guitar failed to work after one month, I went back and they told me I needed the Box! Do you Realize How Freaking Big that box is. I told her that I was not going to keep the box around, taking up room, on the off chance I might have to return it!
    COSTCO ROCKS! I have retunred an xbox with no box or manuals and the just asked what was wrong, RROD and that was it took it back gave me back my money and I walked out with a new Xbox. I am Glad costco now has Rock band 2!! and World Tour!!!

  • Wi
      8th of Feb, 2009
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    The customer service at Sams Club in Palm Desert is the worse. The only reason I have a membership there is I use my Citibank MasterCard and recieve my airline miles...COSTCO only allows American Express for crit cards and accept debit cards..perhaps COSTCO should start allowing other credit cards for payment, they might increase their membership of Sams Club members...and another point, Sams Club does not price match to Sams Club Web specials...a bad business practice.

  • Wi
      13th of Oct, 2009
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    Water Resistant and Water Proof are two entirely different things ###

  • Ps
      11th of Oct, 2010
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    I have shopped at Sam's Club in Palm Desert and several times we did have problems in the tire department but it was resolved to our satisfaction only when we made a threat of reporting to the main Walmart Office in Arkansas. Otherwise, it is OK store. The staff is friendly. It is a more pleasant place to shop than at Costco. Less crowded. Costco does have better hot dogs than at Sam's. Sam's has unsweetened iced tea which is pretty much the only thing a diabetic person can drink besides water. Diet drinks are a no-no for diabetics. Meat I think is better at Sam's than at Costco. Sam's 10% ground beef is the best burger meat I had ever seen. Great for meat sauce too! Do not have to drain fat at all!!

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