Sam's Clubmisguided information regarding vending machines sold

M Nov 29, 2017

I ordered a Vending Machine online on Oct 30, 2017. The delivery date posted was for Nov 2 - Nov 15th. On Nov 16th I called Sams Club 800 number and was not able to get a response as to when the machine would be delivered. They told me to wait another 2 days and then call again. They didn't have any information because the carrier had to pick it up and then I would be provided an estimated delivery date. I can't cancel the order, I have to refuse the order, which would mean I have to pay return delivery.
Later that day I check my account on website, and Status shows as "Shipped". I try the tracking number and nothing. I call the shipping company Manna the next day and was told that the machine is not on a truck and the estimated delivery is for Dec 6 to 12th! An entire month after what was shown on my order. Again, I ordered this machine on OCT 30th!
If I knew it would take this long, I would have purchased from someone else. The delivery date is deceptive and should be clarified. I am demanding a refund in the amount of what Sams' pays for delivery of this machine to Manna.
As of today, I still am unable to track the item online, which means it still is not on a truck.
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