Sam's Clubinjury

Well this day did not go as planned for sure. We were going to buy our new phones, so we went to Verizon first, then went to Sam's Club to buy our iPhone's, well as we were leaving, they had a leak in their ceiling and as you go out, there was some water on the floor, the wet sign I guess they had out had been pushed to the side and didn't cover the water puddle, so I sure fell, right flat on my face, broke my glasses and ended up with a big knot above my eye with a cut, so needless to say I ended up in urgent care, they took an ex-ray of my head and eye to make sure nothing was broken. The whole ordeal took all afternoon. Why don't stores if they know they have leaks in their ceilings and are putting puddles of water on the floor, WHY NOT FIX THE LEAK. One of the clerks, even said she fell over here where the leak is, well so they knew that...???? I am very thankful I was not hurt more seriously but wonder if it had been an elderly person and they could have been hurt badly. When I was walking out two ladies asked if I had fallen, and I said yes, the one said well I fell last week ended up with a busted knee. What is wrong with Sam's many people have to fall before they fix this leak? I am very upset right now. I do feel blessed I am okay, but still upset that this happened because of Sam's Club's negligence. Remember when you are in Sam's Club watch your step. What a day...should have just stayed at home!!

Feb 14, 2015

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