Sams Clubfirst energy aggregator program sold at sam's club

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First energy aggregator program sold at Sam's Club.

I was approached by two separate employees of just energy while shopping at Sam's Club . They are selling the just energy $65 a month program locked for 36 months or three years.
I told the gentleman I lived in a large home and my electric bill was very high. He was excited because he said they were having a competition with other salesman to show who could save the most money for a customer. He requested my bill so I went home and found my largest bill of the year. He called me at my home to sign up for the program he promised this was not a scam and that all the power a Sam's Club stood behind his company guarantee and Sam's club guarantee that this was an honest offer. I specifically asked him about how high my bill was and if I would be excepted on this program and he told me it was guaranteed.

After signing up for the program I received a letter from just energy stating I was too high of a user to be on their program and that they were offering me a rate that was 50% higher than what I am currently paying.

I went back to Sam's Club and spoke with another employee of just energy. I specifically asked him about their ability to bait and switch or change the $65 program to a higher price. I recorded him on my cell phone. He specifically guaranteed me that that was impossible because the only program they are allowed to sell at Sam's Club is there a $65 a month program therefore it is impossible to change the price.

Obviously not this was a huge bait and switch . Although their customer service called me after filing a complaint and stated there was small print in their agreement that states they can change the price offered .

This is certainly not what was said by the employees of Just Energy!
Absolutely a scam !!!

Nov 29, 2017
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      Jan 30, 2019

    I was also scammed by Just Energy at Sams Club.The Just Energy representative promised a $200 Sams gift card for switching to them as my energy provider. 3 months later and still no gift card. After several telephone calls to Just and Sams I was told I had to accrue points through Just. I was lied to just to make a sale.

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